Monster's Pick 'em Championship Season 26 (July 11-August 1 2020)

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Jul 20, 2016

This is a friendly prediction game with a seasonal league format, started by Zeph @Zeph and named in honour of the late Kevin 'Monster' Randleman.


1. UFC 251 (Saturday, July 11, 2020)
2. UFC Fight Night (Wednesday, July 15, 2020)
3. UFC Fight Night (Saturday, July 18, 2020)
4. UFC Fight Night (Saturday, July 25, 2020)
5. UFC Fight Night (Saturday, August 1, 2020)

***If you've never played before, you don't have to do anything to join except post your picks to this thread using the template. Please use the letter X.***


Making your picks.
Copy the provided template for the event. Pick a single winner and method for every fight in the event by placing an “x” in the bracket. Post your filled out template to this thread.

Changing your picks. You can edit your picks until the event starts. Any picks or edits made after the start of a fight will result in a score of zero. This will be based on the post timestamp, not the content of the edit. (e.g. don’t edit a typo or something and change your timestamp)

If you want to edit your picks but the edit window on the post has ended, you can put your picks in a new post, and only your latest picks will count.

It is good practice when doing something unusual to announce what you’re doing by including a sentence or two about it in your post, or to ask first if you’re unsure. This can also save us time when tallying the scores.

Fight card changes. When there are late notice fight card changes, instructions will be posted at the time on how to handle them.

All players must maintain the same bout order for their picks, regardless of the actual fight card bout order, so our spreadsheet calculator can score your picks correctly.

If one fighter is switched out for another, a pick for the fighter that is out will be transferred automatically to a pick for the replacement fighter, so you need only edit your pick if the change causes you to want to change your pick/method.

A very late card change such as Werdum/Willis, which affected two different fights, may result in zero points awarded for all players for those fights to maintain fairness.


2 points are awarded for every correct winning fighter.

1 bonus point is awarded if you also correctly predict the method of the win.

For our purposes, KO and TKO are treated as one.

If you miss a fight, or accidentally put x's for both fighters, you will get zero points for that fight. If you put two x's for the same fighter with different methods, you will not be eligible for the method bonus point.

Special Circumstances:

A draw results in five points.

A submission to strikes results in a bonus point for everyone who picked either KO or submission.

All points are awarded based on the outcome the night of the fight. Rulings that are later overturned on appeal do not affect the scores for this game.


Standings and stats will be posted for each event, so you are welcome to play only part of a season if you like, and can jump in and out any time.

The championship is decided based on cumulative score for the whole season. Any other statistics provided are just informational, unless a tie-breaker is needed, in which case we will look to the percentage of correct fight winners chosen throughout the season. If you win, Splinty @Splinty will change your name to gold so everyone will know you're the current champ when you post in the forums, until the next champ takes your belt!


Jul 20, 2016
Given the number of fight card changes happening lately, I will wait until the week of to post the pick template for the first event, which is UFC 251: Usman vs. Burns.



First 100
Jan 16, 2015
When I win I don't want a filthy stinky piss color name. I'm gonna take this one seriously

Rambo John J

Formerly 'Inside Job'
First 100
Jan 17, 2015
I will enter again
Betting small stakes lately so I will do the research and give it another go

Good Luck Folks

Dick Niaz

Life without liberty is like a body without spirit
Jan 14, 2018
Unfortunately, I'll be away for three of these events, so I'm going to sit out this season. Best of luck on your copying & pasting!