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Jun 28, 2016
FYI - on this date, December 3rd, in 1965 the Beatles released 'Rubber Soul'.
On the same day, The Who released 'My Generation'.

Feel free to share any unrelated FYIs in this thread.

Lars Soros

Formerly 'Hot Lars’
Oct 17, 2015
FYI, when you are merging into another lane of traffic, actually turning your wheels works much better than slowly inching in over a span of 200 feet.

I fucking hate people.


Shake 'em off
Dec 31, 2014
FYI, there is not a good reason to douche your vagina. If you are having vaginal odor, talk to your doctor instead.
Jun 28, 2016
FYI - Sam Kinnison was in the movie The Three Amigos. His scenes were cut for time, and the studio lost the footage. Sam thought the scenes were cut because he and Chevy Chase hated each other. But Chevy and director John Landis deny it, and Sam's brother doesn't think that's how it went down.

"Sam played a ‘cannibalistic mountain man’ that the trio encounter. It was supposed to take place after they encounter the invisible swordsman. Lucky and Ned end up getting caught in a trap while trying to get water, after which Sam appears. He’s described as covered in leather, chicken feathers, and skulls, with blood over him and holding two axes. He runs down the mountain while Lucky and Ned yell at Dusty to shoot him, which Dusty replies “I don’t even know him!”.

It’s said that there are several scenes where they try to kill him but he’s unstoppable. After Dusty finally shoots him fatally, he has an extended dying sequence, pulling out pictures of his children from his wallet and saying “How could you do this?” as he lays dying on the ground."

Three Amigos - Sam Kinison scene (lost deleted scene of comedy film; 1986) - The Lost Media Wiki
Jun 28, 2016
In the TV show "The Dukes of Hazzard", the car sounds like it has a manual transmission - even though there was never a stick-shift General Lee. Ever.

That's because the soundFX company used FX from their previous work with a 1968 Charger...

Jun 28, 2016
For the opening of the Northern Pacific Railroad, railroad baron Henry Villard chartered 4 trains to carry VIPs to Montana for the 'Golden Spike' ceremony. And Villard brought VIPs. We're talking about former POTUS Grant, governors of all the states through which the railroad passed, British royalty, European professors, financial barons...possibly the most notable collection of international dignitaries assembled in that century.

He even managed to get the Secretary of State to grant a 1-day release from the Sioux reservation for Chief Sitting Bull to give a 'welcome to the West' speech when the trains reached Bismarck. This was the height of Sitting Bull's status as mythical chief, so the place fell silent when he stood to give his speech.

Instead of reciting the speech he had been given, Sitting Bull said (in Lakota)

"I hate you. I hate all the white people. You are thieves and liars. You have taken away our land and made us outcasts."

Sitting Bull's translator quickly recited the words of the prepared speech.
Jun 28, 2016
Buddy Rich, child drum prodigy and legendary jazz drummer, quit drumming to join the United States Marine Corp.
as a Judo instructor.

but was dishonorably discharged, allegedly for wearing an officer's uniform.
Allegedly because he thought the enlisted uniform was beneath him.