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Jun 28, 2016
his 'editorial' consists of copy/pasting a bunch of ledes from other editorials, followed by basically the full content from another editorial.


Stewart Era Liberal
Jul 22, 2015
I unfortunately spent enough time on the UnterBoden. Captain Kirk has always been a curious mix of self-righteous faux progressiveness and an apologist and enabler for outright white supremacists. It must be a South African thing.
Is he South African? That all of a sudden makes a lot of sense.


Pulse On The Finger Of The Community
First 100
Jan 16, 2015
Didn't Trump get booed? Maybe I was drinking.

"Was cageside. Trump and Dana walked in to about 70% cheers to 30% boos. But many folks boo'ing stfu as Trump passed them if they were in the lower sections (Loge seating). Understandable......its the PRESIDENT!!

Every politician gets boo'd. Plus avg Just Bleed guy whos been in the building drinking for 3+ hours will boo anything that others cheer.

My problem is with MSM who showed the massive boos and attributed it to Trump. The massive boos came after crowd thought Diaz fight was going to the 4th only to see it called iff as Drs exited cage. Crowd got highly agitated, items were thrown, and Secret Service said "Mr President, its time to GTFO of here!"

As Trump left during boos over main event not continuing, MSM scum saw a great opportunity to use the footage to smear the President."