Online boxing tutorial videos for beginners?

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Apr 9, 2020
Has anybody seen any good beginner boxing tutorial videos on youtube? I'd like to learn the basics and get a bit of a workout in. I don't have any expectation of this translating into real world fighting skills. I just want to learn the basics.


Dec 16, 2015
Precision Striking is a decent starting point
I remember that channel, I used to watch some of the videos when I went back to kickboxing/boxing for a while (immediately badly sprained my shoulder, stopped since, it's fun when you can still technically throw a full power hook, but the ligaments are not used to it anymore.)

Anyway the channel is good.

CRAPTAGON @CRAPTAGON you already said that you just want to move a bit. Of course, it's better to learn from an instructor who can correct you, or interact with you (e.g. very light and slow reaction movement drills for beginner). But maybe, if you can, when you are training alone, try to get a mirror, so you can at least see yourself and compare to the video.
Also, if you're looking for a workout, incorporate a jumprope. It's good, because you jump a lot on the balls of your feet. It will get much easier with time.