Police Investigate BJ Penn for DUI Following Traffic Incident

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get a job hippy
First 100
Jan 15, 2015

Former UFC Champion Jay Dee Penn, more commonly known by his nickname BJ Penn, is under investigation by the Hawai‘i Police Department for a possible DUI violation stemming from an incident in Hilo last week.

On the evening of Friday, Feb. 7, at approximately 7 p.m., Penn was operating a black Toyota Tacoma pickup truck when it was involved in a single-vehicle crash on Route 11 in Hilo.

According to Puna Patrol Cpt. Ken Quiocho, a caller report made to HPD Friday indicated that the truck was speeding, lost control and flipped into the area fronting Prince Kuhio Plaza.

Penn, the only occupant of the vehicle, was transported by ambulance to Hilo Medical Center (HMC). The extent of his injuries and his current condition are unknown. Multiple attempts to contact his sister-in-law, Jodi Penn, were not returned as of 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Quiocho said police believe that speed was “certainly a factor in the crash.” However, because of a relatively new protocol, patrol officers were unable to administer a blood alcohol content (BAC) test at the scene.

Prior procedure allowed for police to conduct a blood draw at the scene of a one-vehicle accident involving only the driver if they believed alcohol or drugs to be involved.

That procedure was changed via state law and currently, a search warrant is required to conduct a blood draw under those circumstances, Quiocho explained.

The protocol is different when there are multiple vehicles and/or victims in a crash. But when a crash only involves one person and that person requires medical attention, the well-being of the victim takes precedence over any other procedure, Quiocho said.

BAC results are invalid in Hawai‘i if procured more than three hours after an incident.

However, hospitals that treat victims of car crashes often take blood samples from patients upon their arrival at the facility. Based on privacy laws, it is then up to each hospital individually what information they choose or don’t choose to share with police.

Quiocho said HMC administered a blood draw on Penn Friday night and subsequently reached out to police to share the results.

Because the investigation into Penn remains open, Quiocho was unable to disclose the results of the blood test to Big Island Now. However, he said it was the results of Penn’s blood test that prompted the DUI investigation in the first place.


Inside Job

Sapere Aude
First 100
Jan 17, 2015
I love the Big Island
Hilo area is a bit less chill...I prefer the more unpopulated areas

Hope BJ can stop getting in his own way eventually


Pulse On The Finger Of The Community
First 100
Jan 16, 2015
He needs recovery in more ways than one.
I hope he's alright and gives up his "fighter lifestyle".


get a job hippy
First 100
Jan 15, 2015
wonder if the root cause of his strange direction is underlying TBI
TBI/CTE and alcohol/cocaine is a bad mix . BJ needs to move off the island and get away from his party and drug friends if he ever wants to get his shit together. he is never going to do it . but it is what needs to happen .


Remember the 5th of November
Oct 21, 2015
It's under investigation guys, he hasnt even been charged with anything. The fighter bashing on this site is getting out if control. Wild @Wild please do something about this before it runs off all the new members that left that other place over shit like this.

Bones Nose

Mostly peaceful poster
Jun 13, 2016
I thought his name was Baby Jay Penn. Either way I feel like its gonna be sad stories like this for years. Tragedy waiting to happen

jimmy boogaloo

General Links/Your Account
Nov 15, 2017
that family rep is still trucking (no pun intended) but the strain is starting to show

Grateful Dude

TMMAC Addict
May 30, 2016