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It's not me. It's someone else, I just can't remember who
looks like that keith or kevin guy whose name i forget even though he said it over and over again in his posts and videos. if he were here right now, im sure he'd thank me for my feedback
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Jun 23, 2015
is there a thread about this on here yet? if not ..might as well start one. here is one of me from last halloween. if others post pics too, ill continue to add some more that arent concealing as much... this pic of me on halloween started as a baseball fury character from the warriors, but i got a little carried away with the blood

Nice one. I was caked up in blood for my last Halloween. It was sweet though so I ended up licking most of it off by the end of the night..

Too swole to control

I’ll fight anyone on here except Sex Chicken
Oct 28, 2015
You gonna cry and rage quit again when I verbally baptize you?

Hey does stalking me and quoting/rating 99% of my posts until I come here less count as baptizing me?
Cuz even when I go out of my way to avoid you for months you show me I cant get away from your fake tough guy character. So I come here less and less