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Rob Ford’s Crack Pipe

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Sep 8, 2015
I’ve noticed high end BJJ guys do this, when the take full mount the creep up really high, almost with their hips up around the sternum. Gary Tonon did it last night. 4:00 minutes into the video.

I come from a wrestling background where you are always trying to control an opponents center of gravity, so it always seems weird to me. It seems like it would give the guy on the bottom a better chance of bridging, or knocking you off balance in order to try to escape out the back door.
Is this a trap? If I thrashed around would you simply slap on a triangle from mount? How do you keep your balance or do you even care from that position and you would just adjust to an even better one?


Channel Moderator
Jun 22, 2015
The upa escape (bump and roll escape) works really well when your opponent who is mounted on you is on your hips, this way when you pop your hips up, it elevates them up in the air higher, forcing them to either base out wide, or face plant in the ground.

Knowing that, as the person on top, we slide forward to not get elevated as high (also it puts a lot of weight/pressure on my opponents ribs and diaphragm, making it harder for them to breathe). If my opponent bumps or tries a bridge, I transfer to the switch mount position.


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Jan 2, 2017
I love the high mount. So many offensive sub opportunities; whether you stay there or you slide to S-mount as they turn to either side.
Jun 28, 2016
like Kurt would say, if you're on the bottom of high mount - you fucked up a long time ago.

It's a really advantageous position for the guy on top to attack or move to back mount. It happens a lot more in MMA because you HAVE to bring your hands up to cover your face from low mount. That separates your elbows from your body, and makes the space for the top guy to slide his knees up. It really sucks to have someone full body weight pushing down on your sternum through a cup while they punch your face, I promise you. That's why you see guys roll to their side or stomach trying to GTFO of that position.