General Secret Santa 2019 (Gifts are being shipped!!!)

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Addresses sent!! Gifts fast!!!

Nuk Soo Kow @BirdWatcher asked me if I could organise this for this year.. No problems for me...Now let me add that Wild @Wild told me if I got 50 people signed up he would eat a live animal on camera...Please God TMMAC community add your name to this thread...We are months out but we need this.


Love you all

Here is the list of members that we am aware of that want in on this year's Secret Santa. Please let mysticmac @mysticmac and/or Splinty @Splinty know if you are not on the list and want in or are on the list and want out.

Addresses Received:
Big Dummy @Big Dummy
Nuk Soo Kow @BirdWatcher
Dick Niaz @Dick Niaz
Brian Ortega's Goon Hand @Filthy
ConorMcGregorsBeard @JonJonesBeard
@Miesha's Taint
mysticmac @mysticmac
Robbie Hart @Ricky Bobby
RussfromNH @RussfromNH
Sex Chicken @Sex Chicken
ShatsBassoon @ShatsBassoon
silentsinger @silentsinger
Splinty @Splinty

Addresses Not Received:
Chief @Chief
Disciplined Galt @Galt
gangsterkathryn @gangsterkathryn
Lefty @Lefty
Rhino @Rhino
SongExotic2 @Shang Tsong2
sparkuri @Ronnie Forney Nut Hugger
Wild @Wild

If you are in, please PM mysticmac @mysticmac and/or Splinty @Splinty with your name and mailing address by November 30th. Also, please post an idea of what your interests are as well as sizing info for clothing. It'd be helpful if you tagged me and/or Splinty when you post that, so we can send it to your Secret Santa. We'll try to make sure everyone is paired up the first week of December. Please try your best to have your gifts arrive by Christmas.

If you are out, PM us as well so we can get addresses out quickly please.

Sex Chicken

40 Year Old Smoke Show Who Loves To Party
Sep 8, 2015
Everyone thinking he’ll eat something easy like a worm or a goldfish are wrong.

Wild @Wild is such a psychopath that I bet he chooses a Guinea Pig, and he’ll eat it slow.


Speak moistly to me into my water bottle drink box
First 100
Jan 14, 2015