Sex Chicken Is Afraid of Spiders

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Robbie Hart

All Biden Voters Are Mindless Sheep
Feb 13, 2015

Tuc Ouiner

Posting Machine
May 19, 2016
Everybody has some little creepy crawly that scares the shit out of them. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. For me it's cockroaches. One crawled across my mouth once when I was drifting asleep in bed in a small studio basement apt. in Philly. I screamed like a possessed little girl. Then ran to turn the lights on, grab a shoe and look for that little cocksucker. Found it, stunned it with a slap of the shoe. Stabbed it with a dirty fork from the sink and brought it outside. Burned every limb one at a time with my lighter. Still was alive(barely) by the time I got to the main body.(I could see some of his stubby nubs twitching a little) Anyway, good times. Don't worry bro, you're normal.