General @Splinty is a Fat Lazy Grinch: Official TMMAC Secret Santa 2020.

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Jun 28, 2016
Bros - we need need Secret Santa this year more than any other year. And just like America's leadership during the COVID/MurderHornet/Wildfire/etc debacle of 2020, TMMAC leadership has failed us.

But we can do this, even if our 'leadership' is off on a yacht or playing golf somewhere.

Step 1: Post in this thread and affirm your participation AND send me a PM with the name and address where you'll receive your gift by 0700 GMT Nov 25th.

Optional: If you want to include in your post things you like or are into, that's fine. But understand that it's not an expectation that someone buy a gift specifically for you, nor for you to buy a specific gift for a person. Buy something funny, something useful, something pretty, or something you know they'll like...whatever. It just needs to be a sincere gift of an appropriate value ($~25). And I encourage you to make it small enough that you can drop it in a collection box and not stand in line at the Post Office. :mask:

I'm not going to harass anyone for their info, I'll send one reminder message the day before, but if you can't handle Step 1, the rest is even harder.

Step 2:
Check your PMs for your Secret Santa recipient, send them a gift

Step 3:
PM me that you sent their gift, tracking # if you want me to let them know when to expect it. If you're gift isn't sent by Dec 15, you'll also be known as a fat lazy grinch for the coming year. :)

Happy Holidays, Friends.

Filthy @Filthy
ThatOneDude @ThatOneDude
Robbie Hart @Robbie Hart
jason73 @jason73
ShatsBassoon @ShatsBassoon
Dick Niaz @Dick Niaz
Splinty @Splinty
Sex Chicken @Sex Chicken
SongExotic2 @SongExotic2
Thor Georgeos @Thor Georgeos
Mary Sanders @Mary Sanders
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Jun 28, 2016
Sample Post.

fuck the Grinch, count me in.

I'm easy, just send me something unique that's appropriate to show my kids.
PM Sent


I'd rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.
Aug 7, 2015
Where I come from, we didn't celebrate Christmas. Not because we were Jewish, but because my dad was a worthless coward bleeping bleephole whose idea of a present was a daily punch to the back of the head. He did teach me how to crack a safe, though.