The Doc that called the stoppage

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Posting Machine
Oct 10, 2016
Even if you disagree with the stoppage it's not worth fucking threatening the guy who made the decision. It was a questionable call but hardly a robbery. The UFC fully has the power to ask that the NYSAC use a different doctor next time. Making noise about the commission and is fine. Threatening the doctor or trying to ruin his outside career because he was too cautious is ridiculous.

The Kurgan

Jan 30, 2015
“Not just the cut, but the overall assessment of the fighter (and) how the fight was going. Once I felt I could not guarantee the health and safety going forward, I had to make a tough call."

My issue is it should be cut and dry. It should play ZERO EMPHASIS on how the fight was going prior to a doctor examining an eye. If Nate Diaz was up three 10-8 rounds but eye was in the same condition, seems like the doctor would have acknowledged "how the fight was going" and let Nate continue. First off, judges absolutely suck and shouldn't be involved in determining an outcome of two other people, but even so, that's the judges job to determine if one fighter established enough momentum to be a decision winner. The doctor's job should be fighter's safety and not take into consideration a fighter's chances of winning if the fight is continued.

What's subjective is a fighter's chances of winning, regardless of how a fight plays out. Could Nate have been damaged worse? Sure. He could have had a leg kick checked and broke his leg, but that's the fight game. Could Nate have mounted a come from behind victory in the 4th and or 55th round? Anderson Silva vs Chael 1, Tim Boetsch vs Yushin Okami, Cheick Kongo vs Pat Barry, Mike Russow vs Todd Barry would all suggest there DEFINITELY WAS A CHANCE.

We are robbed of having certainty and the problem is inconsistency. Nate's teammate Gilbert/Giblert Melendez was in a bloody war against Diego Sanchez and Diego was considerably cut and bleeding worse than Nate, but the fight wasn't stopped. Another difference in that fight is although I had Diego losing, Diego wasn't losing as bad as Nate appeared to be losing to Jorge and perhaps that was the difference in the doctor making the call, and if that was the difference, what an absolute tragedy.

I just want to add I had thought Jorge was going to win but if you asked me who I wanted to win, my answer before and after the fight was/is=I just want there to be a clear and decisive finish so I know who truly is the better fighter out of these two. I am not happy with the result despite the guy I thought would win won.

A ringside doctor has to be summoned into the cage by the referee, in NYC I'm not 100% on the rules but I am pretty sure that is the case almost everywhere.

They have to consider the way the fight is going, otherwise it might be too late to make the call and irreparable damage would be done to Nates eye.

The cause of the cut has to be important too, this wasn't from a clash of heads, it was repeated strikes from Masvidal, to the same spot.

The 3 rounds prior would lead you to believe he would take more damage to the same area and if the cut is close to being a serious problem you don't take that chance when the fighters safety is your goal.

I lost money on the fight not going to a decision, it would have been more satisfying to see a decisive finish but the doctor was right, Nates eye was fucked.

He got beat from pillar to post, everywhere the fight went, we know who the better fighter of the two is, another possible 10 minutes would have only cemented that fact.

Even in an anything can happen sport like MMA you're reaching like fuck trying to say otherwise and there are little to no examples in Nates career to back up the argument.


Posting Machine
Oct 10, 2016
The issue that I that he never looked at it the round before and gave him the "I'll let it go one more round" speech. Don't just call it on a fighter...give him a heads up that it's bad and you might stop it next round if it gets any worse. That lights a fire for the fighter to pick up the pace and possibly finish the fight.

Especially in a BMF labeled fight.