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conor mcgregor nut hugger

King of Florida
Oct 24, 2015
I regularly use pronouns that end in S. That is my habit. I grew up as Thomas' not Thomas's
Chicago used to say the former. Now it says the latter. Not all guides agree. But they seem to be coming around.
Proper nouns not pronouns, goof.

Just put 's on all singular nouns, proper or common. It's much easier that way.


Shake 'em off
Dec 31, 2014

Jon Jones's as well.
At the risk of exposing myself as a redneck pronouncing life wrong...

Jones's looks right given pronunciation as Jonesez.

Hippocrates's looks wrong as I don't say Hippocratesez in the possessive form.

I could see the standardization in writing alter future pronunciation standards.