Tiger Woods Suspended For Failed Drug Test??

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Dec 31, 2014
Jesus, what a fall from grace. I was a HUGE Tiger fan when he burst onto the scene...until about 6-8 years ago when he started acting like an entitled prick. Then I was like, fuck this guy. I had a feeling he was on PED's years ago...like 2002-2003 is when I started seeing the transformation of his body. Now whether or not it will ever be proven, is a different story.


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Jan 15, 2015
A journeyman professional golfer who has spent time recently giving lessons and caddying said in a radio interview that Tiger Woods has been suspended for a month by the PGA Tour -- a claim that the tour and Woods' agent vehemently deny. Dan Olsen, 48, who last played on tour at the 2011 PGA Championship, told 730AM The Game in Lansing, Michigan, on Friday that "I heard he's on a month's suspension. ... It's kind of a strong witness. It's a credible person who is telling me this."
Olsen backed off Monday, telling ESPN.com's Michael Collins that "it was only my opinion."
"Everything I said on that radio interview was only my opinion and not based on any firsthand knowledge or facts," Olsen told ESPN.com. "I want to make a full retraction to everything I said for the entire radio interview, and I apologize to Tiger, Nike, Phil [Mickelson], [commissioner] Tim Finchem and the PGA Tour."



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Jan 16, 2015
MahatmaPetey;n33310 said:
Even if true, that guy must be a giant fucking idiot to talk about it on the radio.
It's almost like he was trolling that radio station.