UFC 252 Countdown: Miocic vs. Cormier 3

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Dick Niaz

"Be available for life to happen" - Bill Murray
Jan 14, 2018
Out nice and early! Awesome. I love when fights have historical significance and this may prove to be one of the most historic HW fights in MMA history. That makes for an exciting Countdown show - thanks for posting!


Dec 15, 2018
Finally watched this and it's good stuff. Sucks to see Cormier retire no matter who wins this fight. Shame we'll never see Brock knock the brakes off Cormier or Jonny Jones doing the same easy work beating him at HW too.

Sad to see the old guard at AKA losing the same 10-8 rounds to father time as everyone does but it looks like it's turned into DKA (Dagestan Kickboxing Academy) with goons like these...