UFC 277 Live Discussion - 7/30/22

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kaladin stormblessed

Nala fanboy
Apr 24, 2017
Who wins the rematch? I think Pena beats her again.
Vaguely recall thinking that peña was lucky to survive round 1 and wouldn't do it a second time

But didn't rewatch that fight. So my head says that nunes tries to pace herself this time. Wins first two, but fades towards end of 2nd, and Peña takes rounds 3-5


Missing you Pey
Dec 31, 2014
Neither deserved to win to be honest. They both fought dumb as hell.

Rambo John J

First 100
Jan 17, 2015
That’s bs. All damage came from Diamond. Cose doesn’t win a round for holding for a minute in a round he got kicked and punched in.
I only saw the takedown and the left high kick, I can't properly score that round.
2nd round almost saw a finish IMO.

I'm just saying that decision was predictable, not that I agree with it.