UFC bantamweight title officially vacated following Henry Cejudo’s retirement

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Jul 20, 2016
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Saloth Sar

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Dec 1, 2015
Saloth Sar @Dr. Prosper Meniere that's two divisions without a champ lol
The whole 'champ-champ' routine, or even letting former champs immediately fight for belts in new weight classes has been a disaster. People point to the one-off successes of PPVs like GSP-Bisping and forget that they wreck divisions for years and come at the opportunity cost of a normal divisional fight (as in, GSP returning at 170 would have been just as big) that probably would have sold the same amount anyway.

Conor is the exception, because it's worth it for the UFC to just let him do what he wants. All of this other shit is in no way worth it. Which retard at the UFC managed to convince everyone else that Cejudo vs TJ or Cejudo vs Moraes were fucking 'superfights'?