UFC Fight Night - Edgar vs Munhoz- Aug 22

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Added to Calendar: 08-22-20

Pelosi's Cunt Rag

Formerly 'Papi Chingon'
Oct 19, 2015
How can the UFC do this on a single event? A guy can only get so hard! Every fight on this card could be the main event on a PPV! I'M SO AMPED!!!!!

Saloth Sar

Let's take a little trip to the countryside
Dec 1, 2015
I have a bunch of money from the last leg of a parlay riding on Frankie. I am a retard.

It seemed like a good idea when I was piling up some other underdogs together, but now that it is all that is left, it's a terrible bet. He is going to get KOd.


Active Member
Apr 11, 2020
Thank God its not just me. Looking at that card I felt I must have slipped into casual fan territory because there are very few names on this card I even recognize.

Sex Chicken

Canadian Adonis
Sep 8, 2015
My sources are telling me both the Born/Grant fights and the Sato/Rodriguez fights are in jeopardy. Don’t be surprised if either of these fights are cancelled.


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Nov 14, 2019
I would make fun of Bellator for a card this shitty.

There is a half decent boxing bout on tonight