What’s Really Going on at Third Coast Grappling?

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Super Dave

The party’s over
Dec 28, 2015
Intersting article from Grappling Insider.

"On paper, Third Coast Grappling is in the middle of great run for a young promotion. Exciting matches, headlined by the sport’s top athletes, and Third Coast hasn’t been shy about how much its stars are compensated. Athlete pay has become a talking point for Third Coast, who regularly boasts about six figure contracts for their premiere athletes such as Gordon Ryan.

But behind the scenes, Grappling Insider has learned that the promotion may be in serious financial trouble, causing many athletes to be wary.

Grappling Insider has spoken to three separate sources with knowledge on the promotion’s current predicament. All of the sources requested anonymity at this time. They paint a picture of a promotion struggling to maintain appearances to cover for cash flow problems."....


member 603

This is very interesting, I've wondered a lot about them. They do like to sell themselves as a top paying organization, but with all he cancellations, and a business model based of PPV, there's no way they can be that financially stable


TMMAC Addict
Jan 20, 2015
A grappling promotion with a PPV model and big stars that has a questionable financial situation? I feel like I have heard this before...


Active Member
Oct 20, 2022
This one is truly amazing. I read this over and over again. A great grappling promotion having PPV model island at the end they are not more financially stable.