General What’s the Best Gift You’ve Received From TMMAC

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Nuk Soo Kow

Season 24 Monsters Tourney Champion
First 100
Jan 14, 2015
Mine is the official “Khabib Smesh” t-shirt I received from Nuk Soo Kow @Nuk Soo Kow. Who is a generous and kind man.

I wear it to get groceries and the bag boys have stopped hitting on my wife in front of me.
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Next time you want the world to know you look like a tow trucker with a history of sex crimes use someone else's name as a springboard. I regret sending you anything.


Commander in @Chief, Dick Army
First 100
Jan 14, 2015
Stop sending me pairs of jean shorts, and then harassing me for pictures.
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Please don't be mean to my best Canadian friend Nuk Soo Kow @Nuk Soo Kow. Kink shaming is never right.

I feel very inadequate since viewing the OP. I've been staring at those gorgeous locks since yesterday. My wife even asked wtf I've been staring at, but I won't show her. The last thing I need is her leaving me for Rob Ford’s Crack Pipe @Sex Chicken .

Dick Niaz

“A happy life consists in tranquility of the mind”
Jan 14, 2018
It looks like you took that picture on the International Space Station, are you secretly an astronaut?

I don't think it is any secret he wants to explore Uranus