Personal What you finna buy with your stimulus money?

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I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me
Feb 3, 2016
the restaurants here laid off like 75 percent of the workers they got one person working the carry out cashier and maybe one chef. the only thing still hiring is truckers and people unloading/loading containers.
Around here...

Every trade. Electrician, Welder, Plumber, HVAC

I was booking a gas insert yesterday and they are 8 weeks out because - and I quote - "We can't get anyone to show up for an interview."

I have a buddy that runs a roof truss production facility. He's looking to hire 50 guys.

But let's keep paying people to sit on their fucking ass. If some areas of the country are legit shutdown, then do targeted stimulus. This all-encompassing bullshit by the feds is causing a lot of problems in areas of the country that aren't shut down.
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Jesus X

Diamond hands get the tendies.
Sep 7, 2015
should be USA only

Should be nothing else on the bill but citizens and small businesses
I concur that is what makes it more ridiculous they can't say that they dont have the money I hope 4 chan doxes them and people storm congress quartering all 535 of them.


I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me
Feb 3, 2016
I do love the fuzzy math aiming for the outrage reaction.

Everything is bulk amounts except the $600 for (1) citizen. But even that wasn't enough. They had to make it look worse by making "citizens" plural.

If 50% of Americans make less than $75k a year (that's a guess but likely pretty close) - and for the sake of easy math let's put the American population at an even 330,000,000...

165,000,000 x $600 = $99,000,000,000

99 billion of a reported $900 billion package.
So...11% in direct stimulus to Americans.

But there's also the extra $300/wk supplemental unemployment benefits- which I strongly oppose.