Wrestling legend Harley Race dies at age 76

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First 100
First 100
Jan 18, 2015
Wrestling legend Harley Race, who starred in the NWA, AWA, WCW and WWF, died Thursday afternoon, his family announced. He was 76.

Race began wrestling in 1960 and rose to stardom in the NWA in the 1970s, holding the promotion’s World Heavyweight Championship a total of eight times. He joined the WWF in 1986 and spent three years with the company, highlighted by a match at WrestleMania III against Junkyard Dog. Race also enjoyed a run with WCW and was inducted into WCW’s Hall of Fame in 1994. Race was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by fellow NWA icon Ric Flair in 2004.



Remember the 5th of November
Oct 21, 2015
He has been battling for years. The Busch Beer and Marlboro Reds caught up to him.