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Jan 21, 2015
Hey all

In case you didn't know, FEDOR The Last Emperor Emelianenko Fights TONIGHT!!!!

However the fight goes, I think its difficult to deny the place this man has in the history of epic memorable MMA moments. Truly, I don't think he has a boring fight on his resume. Many huge dramatic moments throughout his career,. and one of the most unique personalities and icons of the sport.

So what are some your your best/fondest Fedor memories? Which fights did you fall for the hype, the drama, the glory etc and lose your shit? :D

I have many, but to start the thread I will tell how before I became a fan of Fedor, I was a HUGE Minotauro Noguiera fan. His rise in PRIDE and arm-bar/triangle over Coleman changed my whole view of MMA and stole my heart from Japan back to Brazil and BJJ.

So when Fedor came on the scene, I saw him as a bad guy, threatening the reign of one of my heroes. I remember ordering the PPV for their first fight, nervous as hell. I had my tiny apartment packed with friends and guests to watch it on a crappy small TV, and was absolutely crushed watching Fedor take apart Big Nog's game round by round, beating the crap out of him methodically. I had never seen punches like that from inside the guard, ever it made me wonder if Fedor had even rendered that part of BJJ useless (?)

Then after a few more Fedor fights it was clear he was something special, and his rivalry with Nog was so fucking exciting, man.. their second fight was pins and needles, that arena was absolutely on edge for that fight. I soon became a lifelong fan.

Anyways that's just one small part of his epic career.

Name some fights YOU remember that rocked your world



Underneath Denver International Airport
Jun 19, 2016
The way he stood toe to toe with Prime Mirko and the way he countered in that fight was something special:



First 100 ish
Jan 19, 2015
I liked the Hong Man Choi fight because that due was so huge. Also liked the Arlovski and Rogers finishes because it looked like he was getting pieced up and the end came out of nowhere.