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Siton YerDong2

First 100
Jan 16, 2015
N @Never_Rolled

Since last post have been waiting in line at CS. They got us on a flight to Munich then Basel. I was worried about missing the cruise and having to meet them at the first port. All will be well. The travel agent my MIL used booked the flights to close. Currently sitting on the Munich plane.

Had a Worldstar moment in front of us. Young hot chick reclined her seat into an older German lady. German lady wasn’t having it. Young chick went ape shit jumped over the guy in the isle seat. Started screaming. 3 attendants came and took care of it. Young chick didn’t recline after that but her BF started hitting the back of his seat in anger. I’m not sure who is right on the recline no recline. I don’t recline.

Next time film it, idiot.