General Peloton is now racist...

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Bones Nose

Champion of Florida
Jun 13, 2016
That's a joke.

Because a white lady said "go guurrrll"
So mispronouncing basic english is cultural appropriation? Even when the language in question is English. That's hilarious

The evil whites invented so much stuff that we could call cultural appropriation on anything that involves automobiles, electricity, refrigeration, modern medicine, satellites, GPS, space travel, internet and so much more. But that would seem so petty

I cant imagine they are in any real trouble because the gays are happy with peloton. We all know the gays and Lars @Lars are the ones you gotta watch out for

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Too swole to control

I’ll fight anyone on here except Sex Chicken
Oct 28, 2015
slave ships had pelotons on them to keep the passengers in shape while they were cruising. But instead of a video screen like we have today, they had pictures of cotton

Le Chat Noir

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Jan 28, 2020
Kids take race and gender studies in Uni, get out and can't get a real job, so they go into human resources and we end up with shit like this.

Le Chat Noir