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Saving the Universe one Fight at a Time
Amateur Fighter
Jan 23, 2015
Sounds like I have Hector Lombard coming on the podcast next week. Any suggestions on guests you would like to hear from? I'm going on the Third Coast Grappling Podcast tonight and co-hosting an interview with Eddie Bravo and Draculino, and on my podcast today I have David Aguzzi at 12PM and Brand Mccaghren at 5PM


Better than you !
Mar 20, 2020
Holy shit. Most rap these days is awful, but he took unbearable to a whole new level. He can’t be serious with that shit.
Lol keep your trolling not so obvious

His rapping may not be your style but it is legit in the inner circles

For those who know the game can see talent and Woodley is a beast of a rapper
Top 10 rapper of ALL TIME

Don't pretend you know the streets