296 is absolutely stacked

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Zi Nazi
Dec 31, 2014
Yeah that is an actual PPV worth card. I love the main, co-main, and Luque/Garry.

Robbie Hart

All Biden Voters Are Mindless Sheep
Feb 13, 2015
Several decent fights, a lot better than most cards.
Though I do see a woman’s fight on there. They’ll surely throw that on in the middle of the main card so it ruins the card for me. Put the woman fight as the first fight on facialbook prelims and I’ll be interested in watch the rest of the card.

jimmy boogaloo

General Links/Your Account
Nov 15, 2017
wow that is a good card from the names I recognise. sad to see Cody Garbage on the undercard, no offence getting his name wrong, I always hope he lands another right hand bomb KO