General Actors that might not be with us in 10 years

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Shake 'em off
Dec 31, 2014
Clint Eastwood 90
Morgan Freeman 83
Michael Caine 87
Robert Deniro 77
Maggie Smith 85
Harrison Ford 78
Patrick Stewart 80
Ian McKellan 81
Julie Andrews 85
Robert Duvall 90
Arnold Schwarzenegger 73
Sly Stallone 74

This could be a hard decade if you're a movie buff

John Lee Pettimore

Further south than you
May 18, 2021
Out of that list, I'll be be most saddened by Arnold and Maggie Smith.

Stephen King is 73 and not on great health either, he's probably one of the few celebrities that I'll actually be legit sad for a bit. Feel like I've known that guy my whole life.

No celebrity death will ever gut me like Roald Dahl dying when I was 8 did, though.



The Reigning Undisputed Monsters Tournament Champ
Oct 25, 2015
Thought about this the other day while watching Always Sunny In Philadelphia and realized that Dane DeVito is 76.