General Are there a bigger pack of losers than Taylor Swift fans?

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Nov 15, 2015
Variety posted on Twitter earlier today that Taylor Swift was releasing new music on April 26th.... I posted that she's an idiot because everyone will be in theaters watching Avengers Endgame when it comes out that day, and no one will listen to her sorry music....... HO-LY SHIT!!! It's like I insulted some of these people's Mama's, those fucking Taylor Swift fans get triggered quite easily LOL


The fucking dweebs in that thread
You have offended Splinty @Splinty and you have offended his Shaolin Temple.


Underneath Denver International Airport
Jun 19, 2016
She is a whore .and she always gets dumped. I wish I was a movie star so I could shag her once and then cast her aside
That seems to be the blue print for these Satan loving heathenistic musicians ...

When they first hit the scene they (Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and others) give off this good girl i love Jesus image ...lures the kids in - the parents think they are wholesome and innocent so they let their kids absorb their music.

Fast forward 5 years and these musicians are full blown hookers and hoe’s Singing about sucking dick and twerking till 3 in the mornin.

Those young girls that started following their careers early emulate their “idols” and hit the town looking to get pounded fueled by booze and shitty Taylor Swift - Beyoncé music.