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Rambo John J

Eats things that would make a Billy Goat Puke
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Jan 17, 2015
Paranoia is a common side effect of the ganja
I don't think pondering the complexity of the human body is paranoia.

It really is electrical connections firing, pumps pumping, one way and two way valves, etc...pretty amazing setup we got going on here.

even a few ball bearings


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Oct 26, 2015
a damar clone would be an embryo, there no tech to make a clone age into an adult faster


Zi Nazi
Dec 31, 2014
I dont think they cloned Damar lol. However, I dont think whoever that was they rolled out at the Bills/Bengals game was him. Did he die? Or is he really fucked up (brain dead, permanently damaged)? And they're trying to cover it up? That is plausible. The dude died on the field. They say he died again on the way to the hospital. They gave him CPR for 9 minutes on the field, and again to bring him back the second time. I dont know how anyone could experience that kind of trauma, and walk into a locker room with a bounce in their step, like whoever that was at the game 3 weeks later. Waving the arms up and down like that in the suite? No oxygen tank? Sunglasses, a mask, the hoodie over his head, no straight on camera shots. It doesnt make sense. There's billions of dollars at stake for the NFL and Big Pharma here. Why hasn't he given an interview? Why hasn't he come out and debunked these 'conspiracy theorists'? All I know is, conspiracy theorists are like 42-0 since the beginning of 2020. Asking questions isn't a bad thing.


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Oct 26, 2015
lol, imagine all the people that would have to be involed to keep it a secret.

the entire hospital
the entire family
the nfl
abc (or what ever channel)
the entire team