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TMMAC Addict
Jan 20, 2015
Sounds perfect. If you can find or remember a link that would be helpful. I'll see what SC MMA MD @SC MMA MD posts for his photo and I may try to make one myself.


This is a new one (sorry about the wrap- need to keep it protected at the Academy); you can get an idea of how they are built. Very straight forward. I post my daughters with some belts on it later, and I can take pictures from other angles and give you dimensions if you want to build one.


Posting Machine
Aug 2, 2015
My coach and UFC fighter Tom breese got his black belt two days ago from my head coach.

A true BJJ practitioner, his leg lock game is sick, he's fought on Polaris a few times. He focuses more on the no gi/sub only side of bjj but he's definitely a black belt in the gi.

Super Dave

The party’s over
Dec 28, 2015
Keep us posted as you start your training. Before long, you will be posting podium pictures and be choking fools out. Look at SAJ @SAJ and how fast he has gotten good.
Will do.
Thanks for the positive words!
Should have started long ago but better late than never I suppose.