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Freeloading Rusty

Here comes Rover, sniffin’ at your ass
Jan 11, 2016
White House praises Fox for implementing a stricter version of Biden's vaccine-or-test mandate, despite on-air bashing of federal policy
  • The White House praised Fox for its new vaccine-or-test mandate, which is stricter than the federal policy.
  • Fox announced Tuesday it will require employees to either be vaccinated or tested daily.
  • Biden announced last week that employers of 100-plus people must require vaccination or weekly testing.


Killing Babies and Making Men Ladies
Oct 17, 2015
Splinty @Splinty
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, facing turmoil in his caucus and a health care system on the verge of failing as COVID-19 spreads unchecked, introduced a vaccine passport system that will give businesses the choice between tough restrictions or demanding customers show proof of vaccination or a negative test.

Mr. Kenney declared a state of public-health emergency and said Alberta may run out of intensive-care beds and staff to care for ICU patients within 10 days. Alberta is also reintroducing physical distancing restrictions in public; banning indoor private social gatherings for people over 12 who are not vaccinated; limiting indoor gatherings for those who are vaccinated; requiring all staff, and students in Grade 4 to 12, to wear masks in school; ordering people to work from home; and other measures.