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Jun 28, 2016
Two of my favorite things during this pandemic with Joe Rogan has been:

1> that he received monoclonal antibodies ahead of the line and yet none of his fanboys or his detractors really focused on that. Instead, CNN was mocking ivermectin and everybody else was hyper focused on how it must have saved him.

2> When Joe was obsessed that his sauna was going to get them, heat shock, proteins going and kill coronavirus. He was just really breathe it in and the guy he's interviewing is like no that's not going to work. But Joe keeps kind of coming back to it over and over. After the show. Show Joe hops on Twitter and starts retweeting a chiropractor who's pushing sauna therapy. Dude just couldn't let it go and it cracks me up.
you should have been around on the Rogan Board during his Moon Hoax days...

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i just talked to my dad . he has been in the hospital with pains in his chest that started after the 3rd shot . he said he has been having irregular heart beat and tightness in his chest . he also said he is going hunting tomorrow and he hopes he dies in the bush and not in a hospital bed .cranky old bugger
I hope he’s okay bro


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Jul 22, 2015
In another thread I said something about how nobody's actually arguing against science or scientist, but just the distilled media, headlines and bias.

Even here you guys are just falling for straw men arguments. Let's just go to the letter. Did they claim they are a letter of doctors? Or was that media and now that's being used to attack the original writers?

And since the guy who brilliantly wrote an article about how he exposed them, not being doctors even linked to the original, if he actually read it, he's well aware that they never claimed that they're all doctors. And yet he wrote some entire blog piece tilting at windmills for clicks and outrage.

But what about the portion where they mentioned physicians? Oh he took that out of context too.

Y'all being played like violins for clicks.
To be fair, the woman who runs a family dental practice in Jersey or the "Science guy" at the Michigan marijuana grow are a little out of their lanes in terms of demanding an end to covid misinformation.


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Jan 15, 2015
Splinty @Splinty accidentally banned him and then renamed him @conor mcgregor sux . Now he's throwing a tantrum and refusing to come back until his name is restored. The general opinion of the forum seems to range from "No one cares" to "It's funny", so it could be a while before we see any movement.
A real power play by both parties. I can't wait to see how things turn out.