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Jun 23, 2015
I am so gooey with this thread. Y'all need to follow Goats of Anarchy on Facebook for feelgood stuff. Not his fault because he gave good warning but Lips & Lungs @Sex Chicken posted a thread the other day and I had to head here. This woman is so wonderful. She rescues goats and puts them in pretty much wheelchairs, she's a saint.


Fi fie fo fum
Dec 7, 2017
My buddy had a Jack Russel that would do that with a skim board in the pool. He would drag it to the ladder, jump out of the pool, and take a running jump onto it. He’d surf it until it stopped and then drag it back to the ladder. He’d do it all day if you let him.
I have a half jack and she likes to stand or lay on the skim board in the pool, but can't get her to move on it like that. She would swim until her heart gave out, if you let her though. Man I love dogs.