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Jan 16, 2015
Hi everybody. My name is sparkuri.
I like to watch long beach movies and stare up into a movie screen all night.
My dad was a full fledged full beta nerd ball, and all the cool parts of his geekness wore off on me. I plan on representing the best of you too.
I don't read books, or type, or play video games.
But I'm fiercely loyal to Iron Man and the ladies of comicon.
Nov 21, 2015
Hi guys

I requested this forum as an alternative for comic guys. The community here is pretty cool and the forum technology is up to date. Not sure if it will take off but we can see. I think many/most comic geeks are techy and nerdy, so maybe combining the science/gaming/fiction stuff isn't a bad idea, at least while the forum is in its fledgling stage :)

So with that said, Thor bashes Juggernaut inside 60 seconds

Juggernaut can not be beaten!