Georges St-Pierre believes Jon Jones is current GOAT: ‘People have no idea how tough he is’

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Zi Nazi
Dec 31, 2014

Georges St-Pierre has Jon Jones at the top of his GOAT list – for now.

When discussions are had about the best MMA fighters of all time, St-Pierre and Jones are typically at the front of the conversation alongside Khabib Nurmagomedov, Anderson Silva, Demetrious Johnson, Fedor Emelianenko, and others. St-Pierre, though, himself has said on multiple occasions that pound-for-pound talk is somewhat frivolous.

That said, on the aptly named Pound 4 Pound podcast, St-Pierre was again asked for his opinion on who is MMA’s greatest, and he didn’t shy away from praising the UFC’s reigning heavyweight champion.

“In terms of where we are now, I think it’s hard to find someone better than Jon Jones,” St-Pierre said. “Jon Jones is so good. Jon Jones is extremely talented, but he’s also extremely tough. People have no idea how tough he is. I’ve trained with him, I’ve seen him going through the grind. He’s so freaking tough. I remember the fight that he had with Vitor Belfort, I think his arm got dislocated, and he fought even with a dislocated arm. Even one of his fights, his toe was broken.

“Most of the time when you have a guy that is very talented, it doesn’t come with toughness. Jon Jones is the full package. He’s got everything. Elite striker, elite grappler, [and] he’s good everywhere.

“Of course, there’s things that people will say, ‘He did this, he did that,’ but in terms of who’s the best, he came back, beat Ciryl Gane the way he did. It’s hard to have an argument.”

Georges St-Pierre believes Jon Jones is current GOAT: ‘People have no idea how tough he is’ - MMA Fighting

Lamont Cranston

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
First 100
Jan 15, 2015
I saw the interview with GSP and Kamaru/Cejudo and I have to say that I love to listen to GSP's take on many things.