Is the International Judo Federation making a huge mistake taking out leg grab techniques?

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Mishima Zaibatsu

TMMAC’s resident musician
Feb 27, 2016
I've been thinking about this for a long time and as both an MMA fan and Judo fan, I'm frustrated with the fact that Judo and MMA seem to be at odds.

Obviously the Olympics is Judo's main form of promotion, or atleast I would guess that it is. But another form of promotion they're forgetting about and/or neglecting is having champion Judoka's in the UFC. Guaranteed, when Ronda Rousey was on top of WMMA, Judo memberships shot up like crazy, especially with young women. I'm sure more parents were interested in getting their kids in Judo as well because of it. I remember telling my cousin to get her daughter involved with the art because of Ronda. It likely increased American participation in the art/sport, although I'm unsure about that.

But by taking out leg grabs, they're making Judo less effective, outside of pure Judo competitions. Which means, less people, or less people who know martial arts, in the long run, are going to think of it as a premier martial art.

I'm aware that the IJF want it's Judoka's to be competing for most of their athletic primes in Judo competitions, and not inside a cage fighting for money(from what I understand Judo federations across the world aren't big fans of MMA anyway), but if you limit Judo to only Judo, you're hurting crossover promotion and you're hurting the sport overall in the long run.

Why they would be against positive and free promotion from the UFC, Bellator etc. is oblivious to me, it makes no sense.

Cliff notes: IJF is hurting Judo in the long run by taking out effective techniques, people will be less likely to get involved because of this and less kids/ who wish to become fighters in the future or who idolize fighters will get involved with the art.

member 603

I absolutely agree with this. They've watered down judo for years with techniques that they consider illegal, and now taking away leg grabs just makes it worse. I would love to see it all allowed again.

Overall in combat sports and competition, takedowns across the board are lacking. In MMA it's basically two kickboxers (hence why Khabib and Cejudo are looking dominant, because of their takedown abilities), in BJJ it's guard pullers, the last bit of wrestling I've watched, I've seen a lot more escapes and force outs getting wins ( ECC170 @ECC170 or Shinkicker @Shinkicker, who are the dominant takedown artists in wrestling now?).... I direly want to see the takedown/throw/trip make a glorious return.


Active Member
Oct 20, 2022
Yes, You are right I completely agree with your one single word. This is such a huge mistake that we can’t forget. Leg grab techniques are one of the most important in judo and I can’t understand why he taking it out.