NXT Takeover more watched than Survivor Series

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    Very very interesting

    From Meltzers Newsletter

    There may be a lot of talk in the next few days about the WWE Network numbers for the week. You can make your own call based on these rankings but to say the top ten was telling about a lot of things is an understatement: 1. NXT Takeover Los Angeles; 2. Survivor Series; 3. NXT Takeover Los Angeles preshow; 4. WWE Chronicle: Dean Ambrose; 5. 2017 Survivor Series; 6. Survivor Series per-show (when they said on the main show it doesn’t count they were evidently echoing the fan base); 7. Crown Jewel; 8. NXT Takeover Los Angeles in Spanish; 9. Ride Along with Edge, Christian and the Riott Squad; 10. WWE 365: A.J. Styles

    So none of the Wednesday night fare cracked the top ten even finishing behind Ride Along. Of the Wednesday night shows, the NXT show on 11/14 finished 13th. The NXT U.K. show finished 20th. 205 Live didn’t even crack the top 20, which I believe is the first time ever for that show not to make it. Mixed Match Challenge from 11/13 was 15th. Last year’s NXT Takeover War Games show was 18th. The Evolution PPV was 11th. The 2016 Survivor Series was 12th
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