VID Paige VanZant - the embarrassing Reebok shill

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I'd rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.
Aug 7, 2015
She looks exactly like my sister man, even her fucking hair
I'll never understand the obsession with her
No I'm not posting pics fuckers
Your sister is cute. Tell her to call me if she's ever in Virginia.
Nov 21, 2015
She's still more of a true warrior than some so called champions.
Hell yeah she is. I think she lacks skill and experience and needs to move to
Invicta and develop for a couple years. However her heart in the cage is bigger
then half the roster in the UFC man or woman and you simply can't teach that shit.


The Unintentional Voice of Reason
Oct 18, 2015
She had her broken arm trapped in a triangle for a good chunk of a round, then even got through the rest of the fight with. She has earned the right to Mackenzie Dern it up all over Instagram and make god awful, just god awful, damn.....promotional videos on Twitter.


And knowing is half the battle
Oct 25, 2015
Some of the comments are funny for her "paigevanzantufcIt takes balls to be a woman!!!" Post.
  • cky163Yes it does! Just ask Caitlin Jenner!
  • krayshaundaYou’re right. You came from a mans balls.
  • blowedoutActually it takes a vagina to be a woman.
  • slick_is_mickYeah definitely takes balls to take your clothes off and take pictures for likes. Real groundbreaking stuff nobody else is doing that shit. Lmao smh.
  • power_convertersYeah having a history of going to war is hard, having millions of women die in wars is hard

She is embracing the sexy sell hard now(I am not complaining) but how is this a Reebok ad. The girl looks amazing and the shoes look like shit-


Well-Known Member
Feb 15, 2018
lol... I was a little too distracted to realize it might be embarrassing. Can't ya'll just let the girl bang?
Nov 21, 2015
Right? I mean...I'll buy, but I won't respect her in the morning.
Yeah I've lost all respect for her. She's game as hell but this shit is just silly
So you want me to completely disregard your fighting and objectify you as a
stereotypical air headed blonde who's only skill is being cute.

Ok if thats what you want. Done

Just don't blame afterwards