Running barefoot

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Jan 19, 2015
Does anyone run with no shoes on? I heard or read somewhere years ago that it was better for you. Since I'm stuck at home now and not going to the gym I decided I would run on the treadmill with no shoes today. I have a feeling the soles of my shoes absorb the shock and I will probably have sore knees, hips, etc tomorrow. If that's the case, should I push through and keep doing it? Is is worth it?


Dec 16, 2015
I like barefoot walking. been doing it on a regular basis for 2+ years, even in autum/winter.
After running (which I haven't done a lot of lately), I would instinctively take off the shoes at the end and just jog a bit barefooted. even way before the barefoot walking. it's nice, like some warm up jogging for martial arts where you are barefoot as well.

I also tried full barefoot running. From that experience, I can tell you: build it up very slowly. because the soreness in the calves will be otherworldly when you overdo it. example: if you can run 5 miles with shoes, just do 0.5 - 1 mile without shoes at first.
you would naturally land more on the front part of the foot (more than with running shoes at least), and the shock absorption gets handled by the calf muscles, and for me at least, it produced crazy muscle soreness.