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Justice 4 Jimmy

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Nov 14, 2019
She's saying the reason they lost the court case in Pennsylvania is because the Judge was appointed by Obama.

They see judges as weapons. It's frightening how their minds work and another reason to pack the court to balance out these ideologues.

The Pendulum

Well-Known Member
Dec 30, 2015
what do you think about Sidney Powell now q tard?

she was your champion yesterday.

She's still representing Flynn, which is why it was interesting she stepped in with Guiliani to do so much public speaking.

Chances are, it's a Dominion link to the Clinton's. So no, she still wouldn't be represting Trump, it would be for Flynn.

Not like there's a number of those links out in plain view. Or a Chinese interest in Guyana. Which, coincidentally, was the first place Dominion was involved in with their Clinton DELIAN project.

Define "Crimes of Dominion" for me.