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Auslander Raus
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Jan 15, 2015
The phantom time hypothesis is a theory advanced by German historian and publisher Heribert Illig (born 1947) which proposes that roughly 300 years of "phantom time" were inserted into the Western calendar in the Early Middle Ages, from AD 614 to 911. According to the hypothesis, events dated to this period in Europe and neighboring regions either occurred in a different period, or did not occur at all. Some opponents have labeled it a conspiracy theory.[1] It is one of several reconstructions of AD chronology, all of which propose removing several centuries. Illig's is the most conservative.


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Jan 16, 2015
Enock told me Taylor swift and Eminem are reptiles.. I don't know whether to believe him or not I think he might be pulling a fast one.

My favorite tho, I'm sure I've already mentioned it, is chemtrails. Completely false yet the tards jump on it and say we are getting poisoned and they make it rain . It's bollocks. I've worked military, civilian, DoD. But people still believe in it and it makes me chuckle.

I could tell ya a lot worse shit that goes on than chemtrails.


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Jan 16, 2015
Ye whatever your ass leaks
It actually does.the other day I barely made before I shat myself. I'm glad it's funny for you while I consider jumping into a volcano...


Nov 3, 2015
It actually does.the other day I barely made before I shat myself. I'm glad it's funny for you while I consider jumping into a volcano...
Bruv I don't want you to suffer obviously, but I can imagine you don't quite listen to your docs and nurses, and you clowned people legit trying to help you on here, so that whole thing slid into
category for me.

Still I hope ya will recover someday soon. I'd start by not drinking a sip of alcohol. Do you do that?
I had an 5cm wide and 3cm deep literal hole on the neck 3 years ago, including muscle tissue all gone and the whole thing infected. Nurse changing the bandage said it looked like from the walking dead.

They told me it would take 6 months to recover, I did all the right things and was good to go after 5 weeks. Just saying.

Rambo John J

Eats things that would make a Billy Goat Puke
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Jan 17, 2015
Enock told me Taylor swift and Eminem are reptiles.. I don't know whether to believe him or not I think he might be pulling a fast one.

My favorite tho, I'm sure I've already mentioned it, is chemtrails. Completely false yet the tards jump on it and say we are getting poisoned and they make it rain . It's bollocks. I've worked military, civilian, DoD. But people still believe in it and it makes me chuckle.

I could tell ya a lot worse shit that goes on than chemtrails.
Humans have been making it rain for 100 years my man

Not shitting you
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Formerly someone other than Banjaxo
Nov 16, 2019
My new favourite "conspiracy theory" is this one that was posted on the OhGee recently.

I use quotation marks as it's not so much a theory. Rather it's a bunch of random facts that happen to have the number 33 associated with them in some way, accompanied by a bunch of video clips of aliens (ranging from clips of Men in Black, to random dickheads dancing around with plastic alien masks on), which seem to have been edited together by a 12 year old with ADD into a shitty dance music video.

I really hope that there's no-one out there on the internet who actually thinks shite like this has any actual meaning, but I have a horrible feeling people that dumb actually do exist.

Enock-O-Lypse Now!

Underneath Denver International Airport
Jun 19, 2016
This is nuttier than squirrel turd!
Long read, but this theory is the best ive read in awhile.
Jim Carrey is a serial killer and his next victim is Keanu Reeves

Let's pretend to be Zane Claverie, son of an actor who professionally went by the name Charles Rocket that was found dead from what was ruled as a self inflicted knife wound across the throat.

You're in mourning over your father's death from such a grisly manner, and wish to cheer yourself up by reminiscing his life by choosing to watch Dumb & Dumber; one of his most known performances where he played the bad guy.

You watch this moment.

That's odd. The guy who lost a spot on Saturday Night Live to your father back in 1980, a fact your father told you more than once, just spoke a line with his character saying he watched a guy get his throat slit in a movie. You dismiss this as an unfortunate coincidental line in the script, and tell yourself you're crazy for EVEN CONSIDERING what you just considered.

A couple of years go by, approaching something close to resembling acceptance that your father's death was ruled as suicide via a self inflicted knife wound across the throat, and you're fondly recalling your dad being lame talking about all these crazy coincidences surrounding the number 23.

Then you come across a trailer for a movie about this very same number starring the guy your father first worked with on a movie called Earth Girls Are Easy who would later become one of the biggest movie stars on the planet; even though you'll always see this jackass as that person who got passed over for a spot on SNL with your dad chosen instead.

On the day it premieres you go to your local movie theater to purchase a ticket to see this movie about your dad's favorite number; as your father's death, ruled as suicide via a self inflicted knife wound across the throat, becomes more and more faint in your thoughts yet still pulsate.

Then The Number 23 gets to THIS MOMENT.


Trust me, I hate what it is I'm communicating to everyone right now. I hate it so much.

I'm going to have inform once, and many more times after, that Hollywood's favorite rubberfaced wackyman also happens to be history's most unforgivable serial killer.

A fact plain as the sky is blue.

Due to wealth and access to resources which render him unrecognizable, and already damn near a shapeshifter anyway, as well as being a beloved celebrity; History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer had successfully convinced the world he didn't exist. Zane's belief of the homicide of his father should testify to History's Most's calendar coded "kill count" system, but that duty goes to the accomplice of James Eugene Carrey; who is his daughter (seriously, I explain below in homicides 4-6. I'm right about her and she should be given immunity to testify against her father).

Before I break down each case of "suicide masquerade", let me explain two things: History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer got his idea for masquerading crime scenes to read as (false) suicide narratives while filming a scene for Batman Forever where The Riddler commits his first crime by murdering his WayneCorp boss, and writes a fraudulent suicide note to deflect any & all suspicion. It worked.

Even though Bruce Wayne gives a look best described as inquisitive when he reads the note, Batman (often advertised as the world's greatest detective) doesn't think to question the last person who saw his employee alive. While at the end of Batman Forever the villian played by History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer is apprehended, his character still gets away with murder.

Throughout the movie's existence, from the cast & crew to the millions in it's audience, no one noticed this plothole except for History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer.

Also me, it seems.

The other thing about History's Most is that he has a very insane obsession with the number 23.

Attached are non-murder related dates associated with History's prior to the movie The Number 23. The movies for those release dates are Me, Myself, and Irene (June 23rd, 2000) and Bruce Almighty (May 23rd, 2003).

He's only credited just as an actor for The Number 23, however in the research I've done for all this I can tell you this bizarre movie came entirely from the deranged mind of History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer.

For example, there's a scene when the main dogcatcher character played by History's Most checks into a hotel room numbered 23, and has this real freaky experience during his stay. In real life there's an anecdote while filming Dumb & Dumber at The Stanley Hotel (which is the place that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining) in Colorado where History's Most requested to stay overnight in it's legendary room 217. Dude freaked and tapped out requesting to change his room.

The screenwriter for The Number 23, some creepy looking dude named Fernley Phillips, seems basically to have functioned organizing the plot and story the best he could from all the ideas History's Most kept throwing at him. It wouldn't surprise me if this scribe is aware of the truth regarding this heinous shit I'm saying.

Phillips is only credited with contributing to one other movie titled U Want Me 2 Kill Him; some "based on a true story" set in 2003 about high schoolers that plot murder by communicating through sleight of language on the internet. This screenwriter definitely needs to be questioned and polygraphed.

The Number 23 was also directed by Joel Schumacher, whom also directed History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer in Batman Forever, the film which gave History's the suicide idea and is most responsible, along with Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind regarding a "murder/suicide" crime scene masquerade, for all this death I'm going to be itemizing.

Schumacher had no idea what was going on when he agreed to direct The Number 23, and was a geezer just happy to be working. Just saying that for purposes of not being one of those people who say "everyone is in on it". Also because it's true.

It'll probably come off like I've seen The Number 23, like, 2,300 times. Nope. Just twice all the way through, spread a decade apart, and read two drafts of the script. The screenplay dated 11/04/2002, as well the second undated one, literally breaks the fourth wall to threaten the reader for digging deep into any of this.

The calendar coded "kill count" mentioned earlier is the only way to distinguish these crime scenes as the homicides they've been all this time, instead of the suicides people believe they were, and by decoding the date of death through addition. Except for homicides 4 through 6, because those are the packaged "murder/suicide" crime scene masquerade I mentioned earlier, and as well the first victim.

History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer thought he was being clever with his seventh homicide's "kill count", or perhaps he's enslaved by all this "kill counting".

This is kind of morbidly odd if you're a Batman buff: Hollywood's favorite rubberfaced wackyman played The Riddler in Batman Forever, but in real life as History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer, James Eugene Carrey is the Calendar Man.

Homicide #1

Michael Hutchence, lead singer of INXS

Date of death: November 22nd, 1997

The 22nd day of November is the kill count revealing the Australian rock & roller's secret identity as "Victim Zero".

INXS had a hit song back in the day called "Suicide Blonde", and that's the name of a character in The Number 23.

Hutchence also had a solo track covering Iggy Pop's "The Passenger" on the Batman Forever soundtrack.

Worth noting is that before he became super famous in 1994, History's Most played a rock star in the fifth Dirty Harry movie---which was about a serial killer targeting celebrities.

What's very interesting is that I identified Hutchence at the same time as History's Most upcoming victim; who will be the future recipient of History Most's second "murder/suicide" crime scene masquerade for his erasure motive.

More on this future target later.

The motive to kill Hutchence was just to see if History's Most can go through with committing murder, and evade any & all suspicion successfully just as his character did in Batman Forever.

Here's something funny: so I talk to a good friend about this insanity whose been very helpful building this case. When I told him about Hutchence being History's Most true first victim, he thought it added up but had some doubt because Hutchence was found dead in Sydney, Australia.

At one point I thought Anthony Bourdain was a victim of History's Most because I was just figuring out his "kill count", and Bourdain popped positive when I wasn't expecting him. What made me further believe Bourdain was a victim of History's Most is that he was found dead in France because wealthy people can go anywhere they want, anytime they want.

Homicide #2

Jonathan Brandis, beloved child actor found dead at the age of 27.

Date of death: November 12th, 2003

11+12 adds up the adored teen heartthrob to History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer's "first victim" kill count.

The dreadful process in identifying a victim of History's Most begins with some kind of refusal to believe like doubt or skepticism (wait, aren't those two the same thing?).

Except for Jonathan Brandis. Seeing his date of death made me immediately -know- that he got murdered.

There's a moment in The Number 23 (it's in the trailer) when the dogcatcher character played by History's Most points to "11:12PM" written on a wall and says "I was born at 11:12PM. 11+12!".

Why not "8:15AM" or "10:13PM"?

Because that line in the movie is a real life confession, spoken using sleight of language, to the premeditated murder of Jonathan Brandis.

This moment in The Number 23 is not in the 11/04/2002 screenplay draft, written at the time Jonathan Brandis was alive.

Reports about the alledged suicide of Brandis say that he made his attempt the night before his death. In truth behind the curtain, that's History's Most way of starting from "zero" as this previous night's calendar date's month and day added up to "22"; which in History's Most's deranged "kill count" means "zero".

Something that really concerns me regarding these reports is that none of them say the friend who called 911 "stayed at the scene until emergency services arrived". It seems, in my opinion anyway, that should be mandatory language in any report chronicling suicide as to cut off people jumping to conclusions with conspiracy theories. In this case, mine has the strong possibility of being 100% correct. That "friend" who called 911 was probably History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer himself, a hunch tells me.

I tried calling the LAPD to see if I can get any details regarding this 911 call, and I got transferred to Traffic. I've called the Danielson PD office in Connecticut (the jurisdiction where Charles Claverie was found dead. Coincidentally, Brandis was born in Connecticut), and FBI more than once in attempts to report History's, but the LAPD transferring me to Traffic on my one attempt contacting them was all I needed to say "nevermind".

I'm in a Jonathan Brandis group on Facebook, which also happens to have his father. I tried reaching out by tagging him in a post asking him to check his message requests to see if he knows the identity of the friend who called 911, because I would think that's something I'd want to know if my son committed suicide, but he doesn't know how to check his message requests on FB. I didn't want to press further.

Peep this after reading all that regarding the 911 call.

The FBI needs to re-evaluate the 911 report on Jonathan Brandis IMMEDIATELY.

Google all the reports on Jonathan Brandis' death, and try to tell me they do not read differently after what I explained.

I would bet a major organ that The Farrelly Brothers cast him in Outside Providence, a movie they produced in 1999, without having Brandis audition as a favor to History's Most.

There are a couple of moments in Dumb & Dumber where Brandis appears, yet not at the same time. Once on a cover of a Teen Beat magazine held by Jeff Daniels while his character and History's Most are getting a makeover, and another while the characters of Lloyd & Harry are crying in a Stanley Hotel room as they watch a Pacific Bell commercial Brandis made in real life thinking its reality. (That last part was probably confusing to read, I know.) These moments from Dumb & Dumber with Brandis showing up, yet not, feel like "peek-a-boo, I see you" games History's Most told the Farrelly Brothers to insert as he handpicked them to helm the movie.

While the Farrelly's are credited as directors for Dumb & Dumber, I would argue influential movie critic Andrew Sarris' auteur theory should give credit to History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer for making it the cursed comedy classic that it is.

I know the exact reason why History's Most decided to murder Jonathan Brandis, and it's something I'm going to take to the grave. I wish to not ruin the favorite movies and performances fans have for Brandis in the Facebook group I'm in of the Seaquest DSV star. In addition to this wish, I hope Jonathan's parents can also just accept the fact their son was murdered and that someone had his six. If they had the knowledge of information I possess they would wish God rot in hell.

That's not right.

Homicide #3

Charles Claverie, AKA Charles Rocket AKA Charlie Kennedy AKA Charlie Hamburger

Date of death: October 7th, 2005

10+7+2+5 adds up the renegade too hardcore for Saturday Night Live to History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer's "second victim" kill count.

Charles Claverie was the first victim I identified on my second viewing of The Number 23 back in 2017, but it took me two years to accept the reality that the scene I showed above was a reference to masquerading his murder as suicide. I was well aware of Claverie's death ruled as suicide well before my second viewing of The Number 23. The day I first heard how Claverie died is as memorable to me as 9/11 was.

That scene with an uncredited Bud Cort slitting his own throat had the feel of one of those Narcocorrido songs which is a genre of music that give clues to unsolved cases; usually in regards to drug smuggling and not suicide masqueraded homicide crime scenes. Off and on I would think about this scene and question myself in my head, "did Jim Carrey kill Charles Rocket?"; then immediately afterwards offer some kind of alibi.

One day I searched Charles Rocket on Reddit, and was very taken back to learn Jim Carrey lost out on SNL when Rocket got chosen instead of him in 1980.

A conversation in 2019 with a friend about all this made me put events in order starting from Claverie winning SNL over Carrey in 1980, and ending at History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer's apperance on Norm Macdonald made me understand he got the idea to masquerade murder as suicide from that scene in Batman Forever.

It was very painful realizing that. So very painful.

More to say "I did all that I could" than actually get some kind of investigation started, I attempted to laughably report that scene with an uncredited Bud Cort committing suicide from The Number 23 to the authorities in Danielson, CT on 07/16/2019; in a conversation that lasted 22 minutes and 59 seconds. I was honestly surprised that they took me as seriously as they did, but ultimately they said there's no case.

It's funny, I showed the scene from The Number 23 to the detective I spoke to via an imgur link like the ones in this post. I also included notes with the history between History's Most and Claverie, and suggested looking into whether Claverie had to audition because it would strike me unusual if he didn't. Dumb & Dumber being History's Most's first $7 million payday told Claverie probably didn't.

When I told the detective that I set the imgur album to "need to know", he was impressed and said "oh, you must be good at computers". This made me avoid modesty, when that would have been my default reaction, and say "yeah, I am" even though anyone can figure out Imgur just by playing around on it.

This call to Danielson PD concluded with this detective giving me shit about wasting his time, and how with his 12 years as a detective he knows a real case when he sees one; unaware that I know he messaged my link to his co-workers without telling me. His 14 years as a detective would jump to the conclusion I'm clairvoyant if I told him this. I just noticed the view count on the album spike.

This same day I contacted Connecticut authorities I watched Dumb & Dumber just to see the chemistry Claverie and History's Most had in the same room. It had been awhile since I had seen it, but having watched it many times I wasn't expecting anything to surprise me or further my suspicions. I mean, c'mon, it's Dumb & Dumber!

Then that adlib about a guy getting his throat slit in a movie happened, and I was SHOOK since that same day I just tried to report Hollywood's favorite rubberfaced wackyman slitting his co-star's throat to the authorities. Like imaginary Zane, I figured it was just an unfortunate coincidental line in the script and once I looked up the screenplay I'd leave it alone. I'm OFFERING History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer reasonable doubt! What a dum-dum dipshit he is.

This viewing of Dumb & Dumber is when I caught Jonathan Brandis, and THAT surprised me. I thought, "God, please don't let me think he got murdered too". I thought Brandis was really cool in the first miniseries of Stephen King's IT and was well aware of his death ruled as suicide. I don't remember him WHATSOEVER in all the times I watched Dumb & Dumber growing up.

Throughout the course of this investigation I've done, I've learned if a film has two or more performers in the cast who have committed suicide then that means something is likely up.

Because the date of death for Brandis added up to 23, I figured Claverie's would as well and was taken back that it added to 24. Because this was too close, I thought the Connecticut State Medical Examination was erroneous in the date of death. I was stuck on this for months despite not really feeling like I had to disprove the medical reports of the other victims I would go on to identify. Finding out History's Most most recent victim had me learning his "kill count".

So let's talk about History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer's obsession with the number 23, and it's origin. Because when you YouTube "Jim Carrey Counts on the Number 23", he'll say he picked up this fascination from "a very best friend from Canada".

That's a lie.

Before the movie came out in 2007, the cult phenomenon surrounding the number 23 was known as The 23 Enigma. It's most notoriety came from counterculture writer William S. Burroughs' belief in it.

Since the third citation of Charles Claverie's Wikipedia page (good enough for me) says he was heavy in the underground scene in college, it's not far fetched to me that he was aware of Burroughs believing in the 23 Enigma. A pal probably told him about it.

Now lets go back to that split image layout of Charles Claverie from Max Headroom and him wearing the #32 football jersey in Earth Girls Are Easy.

Okay, Claverie filmed his episodes for Max Headroom and his performance in Earth Girls Are Easy within the same year as stated in the Imgur album. As you can probably observe, his character in Max Headroom worked for a fictional television channel called Network 23. While shooting those episodes he probably thought about his pal in college telling him about William S. Burroughs and his belief in the 23 superstition, but kept it to himself.

Then on summer break, I presume, Claverie shoots Earth Girls Are Easy; which is the first time he co-stars with his future killer. When it's scheduled to film his character's quick college football flashback, Claverie TRIPPED OUT when he is handed his #32 football jersey.

Because in the lore of The 23 Enigma, 32 is the same as 23; just reversed.

So Claverie either directly told the person who would slit his throat about the 23 phenomenon, or Claverie's murderer overheard Claverie tell another cast or crew member about how trippy the number 23 is. Either way, on the set of Earth Girls Are Easy is where History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer first heard about all the crazy coincidences of the number 23; as if this were the point of origin for an inferno. Between the time Claverie put on that #32 football jersey, and took it off is when.

Here's the link for the whole movie for Earth Girls Are Easy; fast forward to the 5:10 mark. Wait five seconds to see the precise, and I mean PRECISE, moment when the future's History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer decided he was going to slit Charles Claverie's throat someday.

I'm going to straight up say History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer intimated he slit Charles Claverie's throat to fellow Canadian Norm Macdonald. Macdonald brings up Claverie's death to unsettle fellow SNL Weekend Update anchor Kevin Nealon on Norm Macdonald Live by saying he stabbed himself in the belly in Connecticut. If you know who Charles Rocket is, you stone cold know it's the throat.

However, I wasn't aware Claverie was found dead in Connecticut when I listened to Norm Macdonald first bring him up before I had my second viewing of The Number 23.

Macdonald brings up Charles Rocket in this other episode I just mentioned, but I honestly can't find it. Ask I'm Not Norm for it because that YouTube channel did show me one day this other mention of Charles Claverie on Norm Macdonald Live, but then curiously deleted the video.

Granted, his interview was all over the place, but someone should ask Macdonald why he didn't bring up Charles Claverie to a guest that had co-starred twice with the slain Weekend Update anchor. Oh that's right: because this guest fooled authorities into thinking Charles Claverie slit his own throat.

Since Norm Macdonald looks every kind of sketch to me right now, in my opinion the friend of his son's who died from an overdose while housesitting should be re-evaluated.

Perhaps Macdonald wanted to try some crime scene masquerading as well? He's an obvious Xanax abuser, but it's not like addicts to leave their stash all out and about.

Homicides #4-6

The Benoit Family, a WWE dynasty

Starting the kill count from "zero", History's Most murders wife and mother Nancy on June 22nd, 2007. Adds up to "one" by taking the life of special needs child Daniel on June 23rd, 2007. Goes to "two" by framing husband and father Chris for his family's murder by masquerading Chris' as suicide on June 24th, 2007, and thus kill counting The Canadian Crippler up to History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer's "third victim" by having the body found on the 25th calendar day of June 2007; effectively bringing forth the clockwork cause & effect of erasing the WWE champion's legacy from sports entertainment history.

Mr. Popper's Penguins literally did that.

This actually all happened.

Everyone meet the family that got killed by the critically acclaimed film Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.

History's Most picked up his erasure kick while filming that movie, and brought this evil upon Chris Benoit's legacy in the WWE.

I really don't want to talk about this one too much, and will most definitely keep it the briefest I can.

I'm going to let this imgur album containing the conversation with the first person I convinced that History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer annihilated The Benoit family do all the heavy lifting; in addition to my notes that I'm so thankful have spent time writing throughout the duration of this madness.

As I said in those notes: when you boil down the plot of The Number 23, it's just about a dogcatcher that reads a book.

But if I were more descriptive, this dogcatcher happens to find the novel-within-the-film's nonsense coincidental to his life. The twist ending, which comes from NOWHERE, is that the dogcatcher finds out HE wrote this novel-within-the-film; originally intending it as a suicide note because he killed some cheating girlfriend from way back and then FRAMED THE GUY she was cheating with for her murder.

This twist ending SHOULD corroborate Chris Benoit's innocence!

Jane Carrey's testimony against her father should set the stage for the MOST STUNNING comeback in WWE history!!!

Let's get this champion into the WWE Hall of Fame where he fucking belongs!!!!!

After this unimaginable evil, History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer laid low for many years. May have even felt bad for what he did, if I'm being honest, because it vibes like a relapse when he returned and reset the "kill count" back in a most hysterical way.

The Bad Batch, which co-starred the next Canadian whose legacy History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer aims to "erase", was released exactly on the tenth anniversary of The Benoit Family triple homicide.

Homicide #7

Cathoriona "Combo Breaker" White, make-up artist and ex-girlfriend.

Date of death: I don't have it memorized, but I can tell you she passed away in 2015.

The suicide note under Ms. White's name that went public during the wrongful death lawsuit against History's by her family in 2017 is what reminded me of reading about History's Most obsession with the number 23; years prior to the release of the movie in 2007. Jim Carrey was my favorite actor as a kid.

So, back in 2017, I search The Number 23's trivia page on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) to see if I remembered correctly about History's obsession with the number 23 and move on once I see that I had.

That piece of trivia was nowhere to be found. I read the movie's IMDB trivia page from top to bottom a few times thinking I passed it. Nope. Looking back, I would describe the page having a feeling of sanitization.

This feeling of sanitization makes me decide to watch the movie again. When I first watched it on it's DVD release in 2007 I completely forgot everything once I finished it. The Number 23 is not a good movie.

This second time I was taken back to see History's Most character(s) witness not one, nor two, or three, but FOUR suicides. Since the alledged suicide of Cathriona White is what brought me to rewatch The Number 23, seeing History's Most witness just one suicide alone would be creepy. But FOUR, with the fourth echoing how Charles Claverie was ruled suicide?

Something is up.

Then felt alarm in 2019 when I went back to The Number 23's IMDB trivia page, and first thing I see is an item about History's Most obsession with the number 23 that also talks about how it's just a coincidence that the other character in the movie played by History's Most, a detective in the novel-within-the-film that History's dogcatcher is reading, also happens to play the saxophone like History's Most real life father. I got a feeling of "the coast is clear". This feeling was on the same day I accepted that Charles Claverie was murdered.

Rest as they say is history.

I'll throw History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer a bone, and say I don't believe he had STDs like it's claimed in that suicide note found typed on Ms. White's iPad.

Furthermore, I'll say it's probably true that Ms. White falsified results of her STD test

In fact, I'd go even MORE further that the suicide note found typed on Ms. White's iPad wasn't written by Ms. White at all.

As far as furthering can go, I'll laugh by just going ahead and tell you History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer WOULD COP to having STDs if you sweated him in an interrogation box about the suicide note being fake because he's so fucking stupid!!

Peep this video.

Doesn't it appear like he's giving someone specific a look when his eyes are in the direction of that camera?

I'll come right out and say it: his computer GENIUS daughter Jane Carrey wrote that fraudulent suicide note under her abusive dad's orders, and found an opportunity to give her murderer father a hard time by saying in Cathoriona White's name she (falsely) received STDs from him.

When I looked up the Jim Carrey movie around the time of Charles Claverie's murder and saw that it was Fun With Dick & Jane; I immediately knew she's been her father's accomplice. The experience was spooky because the two Nancy Benoit Wikipedia edits correctly reporting her death in sleight of language on her husband's page, 14 hours prior to the discovery of her murder, started to crystallize.

That moment made me blurt "oh, she must be good at computers".

I sounded just like the first detective I spoke with in Connecticut.

Just. Like. Him.

Homicide #8

Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden & Audioslave who was absolutely not a documentary producer out to expose elite pedophiles

Date of Death: May 18th, 2017

5+18 adds the kill count up to an admission of Cathriona White's murder.

Since it's established on public record that History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer got the prescription narcotics that took her life under the alias "Arthur King" her "kill count" should convert her suicide to homicide.

History's Most Unforgivable Serial Killer tweeted this after kill counting 5+1+8+2+1+7 up to say how very special Chris Cornell is.

Yes, he SERIOUSLY smuggled his ex-girlfriend's "kill count" inside the death date of the next victim after her.

THEN tweeted a pic of the guitar his future eighth victim autographed for him back in the day, who did that to be nice, only to be "kill counted" years later.

Just for the fuck of it, too! I have NO IDEA why History's Most murdered Chris Cornell. NONE!

Tell me that's not some most unforgivable shit.

But hey, Ms. White's "kill count" score inside Cornell's right there alone renders the suicide ruling of Cornell's death null & void.

So check this out: Chris Cornell popped on my radar from me making a shitty joke to a great friend that History's Most should cover "Black Hole Sun" because he sang a version of "I Am The Walrus" for a Beatles tribute album, and once performed a duet with Elton John.

Then a shiver went down my spine. Not even joking.

So I googled to see if there WAS a "Black Hole Sun" cover sang by History's Most. I wasn't expecting any related results between he and Cornell, and got taken back to find they did SNL together.

Felt alarm when I saw Cornell's month and day add up to 23 in his date of death, but thought "maybe that's why Carrey tweeted. He can't be killing everyone"; even though knowing he masqueraded The Benoit Family triple homicide as "murder/suicide" lets me believe he can do ANYTHING. I just honestly didn't want to know another murder.

But of course I got deeper into his case, and was taken even further back that his wife Vicky disputed the suicide ruling.

Which, in turn, made me start disputing it knowing History's Most and seeing that creepy tweet.

One day it came to me to add each number individually as one digits in Cornell's date of death. I left out a "1" and FLIPPED that it added up to 23. I didn't know calendar dates could do that, but saw my error shortly. His date adding up "23" and "24" was strangely sequential that it dawned on me he "adds up" with each murder.

Initially, I found it funny that those waterheaded dum-dum dipshit QANON's were close to actually saying a suicide was masqueraded, but that faded when I read these people harassed Vicky Cornell with their elite pedophile theories into accepting the suicide ruling.

Shut down that QANON shit ASAP.

It's interesting that people jump to the conclusion of some brain injury of causing Hutchence, Benoit, and Cornell to do what they think they did. In my opinion, and I'll admit as such, I think people accept this as truth so they can accept and move on because this kind of nihilism presented to them is just too uncomfortable to think about. The speculation pattern being a thoroughline between all three of these cases says something to me unlike it does others knowing these people were murdered.

Here's wrestler Chavo Guerrero and Vicky Cornell both talking to the same person

History's. Most. Unforgivable. Serial. Killer.

Upcoming double homicide:

Keanu Reeves and whoever his girlfriend is.

There was a painful period where I thought predicting History's next victim was going to be the only way I could prove beyond a reasonable doubt he exists.

This guy I know hates this Jim Carrey shit, and it does suck ass, and had been discouraging thinking this wouldn't go anywhere. I told him if I quit then, and I was being COMPLETELY random when I said this to him, here's how Keanu Reeves will die.

Turns out that's EXACTLY what would have happened! I shouldn't say this, but my friend actually could have gotten John Wick killed.

People tell me Keanu could take him.

  1. That would prove me right about all this.
  2. No one expects to get killed by Jim Carrey, that's what makes him lethal.
I made a secretive tweet thread predicting History's Most's attempt on Keanu's life in the event I'm unsuccessful preventing a double homicide. Jim Carrey is not going to get away with this shit much longer, one way or another.

That opening tweet's prediction will happen within the year. My best estimates are in May, June, and November.

Why for May:

Bruce Almighty was released on May 23rd, and the reason History's Most killed Benoit in June 2007 was because he picked that date to rep Me, Myself, and Irene which came out June 23rd. That movie came out seven years exactly before to the day History's Most murdered Benoit's special needs son. Since it's reasonable to think History's Most Unforgivable has a God complex, this might have been the date chosen for Keanu. However, History's Most would just be wrapping up Sonic 2 by this date so that might have kept him back.

Then again, History's Most shut down production for a day on his Showtime series Kidding because he didn't like the color of a door. He can do whatever he wants on a set.

Why for June:

it's common for serial killers to return to the scene of the crime, and in essence this is what History's Most would be doing if he had struck Keanu on this month because what he had planned for Keanu is the same as Benoit. Also: the release date of The Bad Batch, the film Keanu & History's Most both co-starred in together, was released on the exact tenth anniversary of The Benoit family murders. Which likely made History's Most reminiscence. You'll read that History's Most requested to be uncredited for The Bad Batch if you do a Google search. The reason for this was to say in plain sight, "You're next, Keanu".


Why for November:

November 23rd was the wedding anniversary of Chris & Nancy Benoit. Also, as I previously stated, History's Most starts from "Zero"(which means "22" in his head), and would theoretically start from the anniversary date of his very first murder which is November 22nd, Michael Hutchence.

Twitter finally caught up to your conspiracy:


Enock-O-Lypse Now!

Underneath Denver International Airport
Jun 19, 2016





Pulse On The Finger Of The Community
First 100
Jan 16, 2015
I don't have a "favorite" conspiracy theory.
I mean absolutely no offense to anyone, but this isn't a game & it's not fun, cool, or edgy, it's real life with real people & real actions.

That said, the ones I'm most interested in are the ones that never got attention, like Nashville.
And the Georgia Guidestones.
The things people move on from.