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  1. Splinty

    Sports Decided to hit the gym yesterday

    Nah. Not really. I'm just posting a funny video you can actually see...and being a jerk to my favorite brother @Wild View:
  2. Sex Chicken

    General Caught a kid Ego Lifting at my gym

    I think I handled it pretty well. View:
  3. nuraknu

    VID UFC Gym coming to the UK in 2018

    View: In the video, George Yiasemides talks about being assigned to launch UFC Gyms in the UK. He previously was doing the same thing in the Middle East. He talks about one of the challenges they overcame being altering the perception of the UFC brand so people...
  4. Jdog93

    General Best BJJ Gym Promo Ever.

  5. MovinOn

    Lifestyle TMMACer at the gym...

    Identify yourself!!!
  6. RaginCajun

    Personal Sex Chicken Helping Splinty's Wife At The Gym

    @Splinty is lucky to have a friend like @Sex Chicken. It takes a special friend to spend there Valentines day helping anothers wife stay in shape. :cheers:
  7. Nuk Soo Kow

    Gym talk...

    Guy a see at the gym asks me the other day... Him - "Hey man what's up? Quick question here, does it matter which way the plates face when I put them on the bar? It all weights and works the same right?" Me -
  8. SoupCan

    General gym clothes

    second gayest thread I've ever made.... getting tired of the ole sweat pants and hoodie looking to get into some compression gear that really holds me tight and activates to help me get more powerful lifts. looking at gym shark but they can suck a dick for being so expensive, friend of mine...
  9. sparkuri

    Do you wipe your dumbbells off at the gym?

    Do you wipe your dumbbells off at the gym?
  10. Splinty

    General Do you wipe the dumbbells down at the gym?

    I'm noticing a lot of this. Is this a common thing? I don't. I welcome my MRSA overlords.
  11. M

    General Wasn't I supposed to have a match at my gym today?

    I can't remember.... @Robbie Hart @Wild @MMAHAWK @SC MMA MD I keep feeling like I was..... I mean here I am, sitting at my gym, waiting, thinking that maybe a guest from South Florida would show up to finally train...... But I'm all by myself here.... Funny
  12. b00ts

    I don't have time for the gym any more. What do?

    I"m working a minimum of 65 hours a week and just can't fit the gym in my schedule. What do I do??????? I'm not looking to pack on monster muscle, so the heavy lifting doesn't matter much to me. I have one 35lb kettlebell here at the house. My plan is to buy a new house with either a garage or...
  13. IschKabibble

    Matt Hughes back in the gym

    Nice to see such a quick turnaround. Hopefully he'll continue to improve. View:
  14. ECC170

    Aldo has been training with Maidanas boxing coach Garcia while impressing the gym!

    I'm surprised this hasn't came up.. I've been following Aldos trip to Garcia's and it's been a treat..I highly recommend you get on YouTube and look them up..
  15. Lord Vutulaki

    General Should I dojo storm Leigh's gym and make him apologise

    For calling me a shitposter? Shitposters make unnecessary threads just for the sake of it, thats not why I made this thread BTW PS Im better than you
  16. Sex Chicken

    General Gym Queen

    Beauty and grace. View:
  17. b00ts

    Lifestyle What do you pay for gym membership?

    Just caved and got a membership at the "big" gym. My smaller gym that I loved closed down. Paid $200 down and $59 a month. Have indoor pool, sauna, basketball court, showers, 2 stories of equipment, outdoor pool for families, smoothie bar and grill, and a daycare that charges $3.50/hr. They also...
  18. Nuk Soo Kow

    Paige VanZant explains decision to move back to Portland, ‘start over’ with a new gym

    Paige VanZant hasn’t done much media since her last UFC fight, a tough loss to Michelle Waterson in December, but that doesn’t mean she’s not gearing up already for her return to the Octagon. In fact, “12 Gauge” plans on showing a different fighter whenever she get back in action. "It was a...
  19. Splinty

    General Belly binder at the gym

    Every woman at the gym lately is wearing these They are all much larger than this picture. Is there an infomercial or something going on? Just showed up in droves.
  20. nuraknu

    Vitor Belfort joins Montreal's Tristar Gym ahead of final octagon bout at UFC 212

    "Vitor Belfort is doing things a little bit differently ahead of what he’s decided will be the final fight of his UFC career next month. "Belfort (25-14 MMA, 14-10 UFC), who meets Nate Marquardt (35-17-2 MMA, 13-10 UFC) in a middleweight bout at UFC 212 on June 4 at Jeunesse Arena in Rio de...
  21. Vagabond

    Marcelo Garcia suspends Dillon Danis from his gym

    Marcelo Garcia suspends Dillon Danis from his gym One of the most decorated jiu-jitsu champions in the history of the sport temporarily separated himself from two of his star pupils on Thursday. Marcelo Garcia, a five-time world jiu-jitsu champion and famed coach, announced via a YouTube video...
  22. Willthiswork

    Marcelo asks Dillon and Khera to take a break from his gym.

    View: Apparently they weren't acting the way he wanted his students to act in his gym so he told them to take a break. Good shit.