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  1. C

    Mma memorabilia

    Hi guys I'm a huge fan of mma and collect gloves and some other small bits. Anyone got any mma memorabilia for sale? Or just something cool they wanna post?
  2. nuraknu

    Monster's Pick 'em Championship Season 28 (SEPT 19-OCT 24, 2020)

    This is a friendly prediction game with a seasonal league format, started by @Zeph and named in honour of the late Kevin 'Monster' Randleman. EVENTS THIS SEASON After UFC 254 Monster's will go on hiatus for at least 3 months. 1. UFC FN: Covington vs. Woodley (Saturday, September 19, 2020) 2...
  3. nuraknu

    RIZIN 23 - Live Discussion 8/10/2020 (2AM ET start time)

    Reserved for live discussion. This thread will refresh automatically for registered users during the event. Registration is free and easy.
  4. nuraknu

    RIZIN 22 - Live Discussion 8/9/2020 (2AM ET start time)

    Reserved for live discussion. This thread will refresh automatically for registered users during the event. Registration is free and easy.
  5. nuraknu

    Nevada State Athletic Commission no longer releasing official fighter purses

    As of July 2020, the Nevada Athletic Commission has made all combat sports purses confidential, further reducing public access to information about fighter pay in both MMA and boxing. When asked about this seemingly sudden change, Bloody Elbow was referred by a public records official to the...
  6. nuraknu

    Professional Fighters League Going Global in 2021

    With no championship event in 2020, plans are underway to increase its future exposure. For 2021 and 2022, Davis said the PFL “is in discussion with four major international cities that are bidding to host the championship like a Super Bowl outside of the U.S. It’ll be a coming of age for the...
  7. Super Dave

    Tom DeBlass Announces Return to MMA

    Ocean County’s Tom DeBlass is officially returning to professional MMA competition. The Ricardo Almeida black belt detailed his multi-fight contract with ONE Championship in a Facebook post earlier today.
  8. Drake

    Hottest seat in the house: The ever-criticized MMA judge

    One of the most famous quotes in all of MMA, if not the most famous quote, is “Never leave it in the hands of the judges.” It’s a quote so synonymous with the sport that UFC President Dana White put it up on the wall at the old Ultimate Fighter gym. Which isn’t incredibly surprising when we...
  9. CombatCorner


    Ever since “The Native Psycho” Jordan Griffin (17-7) has earned his way into the UFC he has faced some stiff competition right out of the out the gate going against some of the best featherweight in Dan Ige and Chas Skelly. Check out the full story by clicking the link: Jordan Griffin looks to...
  10. CombatCorner

    VID Montel Jackson more than just a prospect heading into UFC Fight Night 166

    Montel Jackson (8-1) has been lighting up the canvas ever stepping foot into the UFC Cage at Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series Season 2. Since then Jackson has gone to 3-1 within the UFC stomping grounds and has started building himself a name. In this video Jackson reflects on the...
  11. CombatCorner

    IMG/GIF The Picasso Ode Osbourne heads to UFC 246

    Combat Corner Professionals athlete, Ode Osbourne (8-2) as professional fighter makes his debut fight this weekend at UFC 246s giant stage in Las Vegas as he fights Brian Kelleher. Kelleher who has recently took a loss to Osbourne's training partner and top prospect Montel Jackson via submission...
  12. Bob Carson MMA

    General My weight loss journey.

    Hello, all. My name is Bob Carson. A few of you may know me from around here and the underground forum. If not, here is a little background about myself. I am 39 year old jersey guy through and through. At 19, I started training in "shootfighting" with the goal of becoming a shootfighter/NHB...
  13. Fight Scribe

    Looking for Writers for an MMA blog

    Hello MMA Community! My name is Jacob, and I have recently purchased a blog that used to be a boxing site. I plan on turning this into an mma site covering UFC, Bellator, and possibly One FC. Im looking for big fans in the sport. You dont have to know how to be writer, but as long as you know...
  14. Bob Carson MMA

    New Front Row Brian Interview.

    In case you missed it, we talked to the man, the myth the legend, Front Row Brian. He sets the record straight on so many issues. Must listen. @Benaskren @ChaelSonnen
  15. RapidMMA

    VID UFC 241 Preview Video

    Hey ya'll, Many of you likely haven't heard of me or seen my channel. I've had a year long hiatus from creating content because of some unfortunate events in my life. However, I'm finally back to making videos and I'm happy to say that I have one (and another couple in the works) for UFC 241...
  16. theachromaticfilm39

    The New UFC Championship Belt Unboxing Video!!!! (it is a real!)

    I hope you guys enjoy it!! This is the New UFC Championship Belt Unboxing Video!! We bought it from UFC store! View:
  17. Haulport

    Whatever Happened to Tyrone Spong???????

    Tyrone Spong - Wikipedia Most of you might know that he had a pretty horrible leg break in 2014 during a Glory kickboxing fight against Saki, not long after he started his MMA career. Many were disappointed and hoped he be able to recover and come back to MMA but that never happened. He never...
  18. TheCompleteKO

    Interview with LFA 67 Co-main Dakota Bush

    Hey TMMAC, I am back with my interview series and this time I have 1/2 of the co-main event for the upcoming LFA 67 event (and who might also have the funniest nickname in MMA) Dakota 'Hairy' Bush. Check out the interview below and let me know what you think!
  19. TheCompleteKO

    Interview with Bellator 220 Veta Arteaga

    TMMAC, Check out this interview we did with current challenger to Illima-lei's flyweight championship, Veta Arteaga. She speaks about training, her background into MMA, fibroid tumors and how she plans to be the first to put away Macfarlane. WATCH:
  20. Muay Thai Authority

    Watch Idris Elba Knockout and Journey To Final Fight

    Idris Elba is not only a famous actor but also a pro fighter. He is a true inspiration for every people who want to fulfill their dream. Watch Actor Idris Elba Kickboxing Knockout and his journey to his final kickboxing fight.
  21. TheCompleteKO

    Interview with Jose "Shorty" Torres - He talks BraveCF, Depression and his Future in MMA

    TMMAC, I got the chance to speak with Jose Torres after he was released from the UFC. He talks to me about joining BraveCF in a commentary role, fighting for them and overall being treated better. He also talks to me about his battle through depression and what is next for his MMA Career! As...
  22. TheCompleteKO

    VID Elias Theodorou Drops his Pants, Talks Medical Cannabis and Eryk Anders Ahead of UFC 231

    TMMAC, I know. I posted twice with my own content and haven't been active on other peoples forums. I get it. But I do only post here, and Sherdog. ANYWAYS. IF you have been following me since I started in September, then even my biggest hater can appreciate the fact that I got to cover my...
  23. nuraknu

    Monster's Pick 'em Championship Season 22 *FRI NOV 30-DEC 29*

    This is a friendly prediction game with a seasonal league format, started by @Zeph and named in honour of the late Kevin 'Monster' Randleman. If you've never played before, you don't have to do anything to join except post your picks to this thread using the template for the upcoming event...
  24. TheCompleteKO

    Interview With Ron Becker 10 Hours before his match with Khonry Gracie at Bellator 209

    TMMAC, This is absolutely insane. This man, Ron Becker, took a 3 week short notice fight against Khonry Gracie Two weight classes higher Absolutely un-real. @Wild - What do u think of this brother?
  25. nuraknu

    Brawl at ACB 90 after DQ in Karakhanyan fight

    View: View: View: View:
  26. TheCompleteKO

    Rumor: Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo Rematch in the Works

    TMMAC, Words been buzzing. Apparently, a fight the UFC is trying to book right now is a rematch between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor. First Question: Is this a fight that you would want to see again? 2nd: Do you think this will be a money maker the second time? Aldo coming off a win; Conor...
  27. TheCompleteKO

    Massive WW Bouts Reported: Askren vs Till - Thompson vs Lawler

    TMMAC, It seems the WW division is shaping itself up to see who their top 3-5 guys are. Reported we will see: Ben Askren vs Darren Till Stephen Thompson vs Robbie Lawler. Good match-ups all around with 4 really good fights. I would be happy for any 2 matches that involve the combination of...
  28. TheCompleteKO

    MMA Journalist James Lynch Joins the Complete Knockout

    Let me know what you think of this episode with James. Had a great time!
  29. TheCompleteKO

    VID More Potential MMA Trades? Have the Flood Gates Just Been Opened?

    TMMAC, Trying to look at the further possibilities at future trades. Maybe Bellator and the UFC? Let me know what you think in the comments below of potential future trades you would like to see in MMA
  30. TheCompleteKO

    Who is the TOUGHER Fight for Khabib? Tony or GSP

    TMMAC, Simple quick question for discussion. WHO would be the tougher challenge for current LW contender Khabib? is it Tony Ferguson or GSP? Tony vs Khabib at 155 GSP vs Khabib at 165 The unorthodox, blood-thirsty, elbow throwing wing-chun fighter , 10th planet black belt Ferguson: - Does...
  31. TheCompleteKO

    Do People Buy MMA/Sports Equipment Online?

    TMMAC, Quick question. Does anyone ever buy any of their MMA equipment (Mouthguards, gloves, wraps, etc..) online ? Or even just any sort of sporting equipment (Yoga Mats, Water bottles) online? And not including Amazon
  32. TheCompleteKO

    Eddie Alvarez's 8-Figure Deal - Is it Realistic?

    TMMAC, Now we all know Eddie Alvarez's is now signed to OneFC. He also recently went on Ariel Helwani's podcast and said his deal is 8 figure, meaning a minimum of $10 millionm and he also stated it isnt that many years. So we can safely assume it is less than a 10 fight deal, meaning, is...
  33. TheCompleteKO

    How Much do UFC Fighters Get Paid? Podcast with FrankieNYC

    TMMAC, I recently was joined by numbers wizard @FrankieNYC on my podcast to discuss the numbers side of MMA. The full episode can be found on my YouTube, but here is a clip of how much do Fighters get paid in UFC/Bellator respectively. Show some love, and please provide some feedback on how to...
  34. TheCompleteKO

    Which is the Better Fight to Make for Khabib

    TMMAC, Quick and easy question. Khabib vs Conor 2 Pros: - Marketability - Profit for fighters/UFC - Bad Blood involved - Striker vs Grappler Classic Cons: - Don't really need to see it after dominant victory - Conor isn't in line to fight for a Title again - Khabib already defended his honor...
  35. TheCompleteKO

    Now That Diaz vs Dustin is Off

    On my YouTube channel I posted a video how I personally said that Nate Diaz vs Dustin was one of the worst match-making decisions UFC has made based on these (few) reasons: - Nate was arguably at that time the 2nd most marketable fighter (Before 229 and after Conor) - Dustin is a legit...
  36. TheCompleteKO

    The Complete Knockout Podcast #1 - With CashTyreef

    Disclaimer - I am posting this here because the whole topic is on the Bellator events Hi TMMAC, The Complete Knockout has been releasing clips/videos for about a month now. Today we're proudly releasing the first episode featuring another YouTuber who focuses on MMA as well. The topics we...
  37. nuraknu

    Monster's Pick 'em Championship Season 21 *OCT 27-NOV 24*

    This is a friendly prediction game with a seasonal league format, started by @Zeph and named in honour of the late Kevin 'Monster' Randleman. If you've never played before, you don't have to do anything to join except post your picks to this thread using the template for the upcoming event...
  38. TheCompleteKO

    What Reasons do You think Pushed Eddie Alvarez to go to OneFC?

    TMC, We now have confirmed news( as close as its gonna get) that former UFC LW Champion has left the UFC and signed to OneFC. A Few things, we know UFC had the rights to match any offer received by Eddie. we know Bellator was quick to dismiss that Eddie would be coming to the organization...
  39. TheCompleteKO

    General For anyone with a Discord...

    For the podcast show I have created a Discord server, where we talk about all things MMA related. Now before I plug, I want to explain why I am plugging it here People want to discuss MMA and can't because there is not enough activity or engagement. Luckily, The Complete Knockout discord...