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  1. Mix6APlix

    General Whats the worst hangover youve ever had?

    I was visiting a friend (whose dead to me now) and a group of us, um, misappropriated 3 cases of Natural Light from a random garage. A it tasted like shit. B were swarmed by bats. C we got shot at by a farmer with a shotgun loaded with rock salt. And could barely see straight the next morning...
  2. Sex Chicken

    General Is This The Worst Meme of 2018?

    I’m seeing it everywhere. I don’t get it.
  3. Freeloading Rusty

    General 'Canada is the world's worst oppressor of women': Saudi Arabia's bizarre propaganda campaign

    'Canada is the world's worst oppressor of women': Saudi Arabia's bizarre propaganda campaign
  4. Splinty

    Inside the worst UFC PPV of all time

    Inside the worst UFC PPV of all time Worst ppv per Dana. Thought others seem to hold at least the opinion that it sucked. Tons of last minute changes with poor promo and questionable matchups... Was there a more lackluster card you can remember?
  5. Wild

    VID Worst fouls in MMA

    Forgot about the Rich Franklin one. Holy shit lol. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGXNeB_NK5Q
  6. Ted Williams' head

    General Which "ism" or "phobia" is the worst of all?

    IMO 1. Racism 2. Sexism 3. Homophobia Racism and sexism go without saying as #1 and a close #2. I have homophobia as a distant 3rd, I never understood why anyone would give LGBTQ members a hard time. Why do you care how they live their lives? You're not the one who's going to burn in hell, so...
  7. kneeblock

    Society Worst college major

    As it turns out the college major most likely to leave you underemployed or unemployed is a degree in Business, Management, Marketing, or related support services. Healthcare comes in 2nd place. Education is 3rd and Psychology is 4th. Shocking no one who's been awake in today's economy, STEM...
  8. Blubba Jenkins

    Are Nick and Nate Diaz the worst case of squandered potential in UFC history?

    "With both Nick and Nate Diaz in legal hot water, and with years of controversies and missteps, can they be considered the worst case of squandered potential in UFC and MMA history?" Are Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz The Worst Case of Squandered Potential in UFC History?
  9. Mix6APlix

    General Worst fast food chain?

    Taco Bell. /end thread
  10. Sheepdog

    Khabib-Holloway is the worst 'panic-fight' of the WME era, and that's saying something

    The narrative about this fight now is more about people being disappointed Max only has 6 days to prepare than about the fact that it is a really bad idea to do this fight at all. At least with Cormier-Stipe, which is also a bad idea that could wreck divisions, that is somewhat of a...
  11. Sheepdog

    WME's Retardation: CM Punk's likely next opponent is the worst organism on Earth they could select

    All these fucking spastics can think to do is go back on the entire premise of the first fight between two random nobodies, and have the losing random nobody now fight Punk, I guess using the logic that Punk might be able to beat Mike Jackson because they both lost to Mickey Gall (which makes no...
  12. Ted Williams' head

    General What was the worst you ever got your ass kicked?

    When I was 13 we were throwing snowballs at houses and some adult came out and punched me in the face lol. What's the worst you ever got whipped? And most embarrassing?
  13. SensoriaUtopia

    Karma, UFC Charlotte on FOX worst Prelim ratings ever

    Another example of WME running this into ground. I hope they keep fucking up and shitting out the UFC so they can go bankrupt and sell it to people who know how to run this. UFC Charlotte does worst preliminary viewership numbers ever for FOX card | BJPenn.com There has been a Fox card in the...
  14. Joemacka

    Is UFC 221 the worst PPV of all time?

    The only good fight is Whittaker vs Rockhold and even that could be considered a fake belt. Hunt vs Blaydes is a terrible fight, Blaydes most likely lays on Hunt for 3 rounds. Asker vs Tuivasa dont know who they are. Matthews vs Jigalong. Matthews should be 0-4 from his last 4 fights. Pedro...
  15. SongExotic2

    Lifestyle Worst job?

    What would be the worst job you ever had, or could imagine ever having? I'd hate to be the one who has to clean toilets, I was just thinking about it while I had a piss and saw some gum in there. Also when I lived in a 16 man room in the Navy I was one of the toilet cleaning crew, I used to mop...
  16. The Sound of Violence

    IMG/GIF Jacare vs Brunson in the works

    Hope it happens really fun style matchup and both have evolved a lot since their old Strikeforce bout in 2012
  17. M

    Society POLL - Worst President Ever?

    I'd say Trump. He hasn't even been in office for a year but with all the shit he's fucked up he's definitely the worst.
  18. Ted Williams' head

    Conor haters represent the worst of MMA's fanbase

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about people who simply aren't McGregor fans. Every man, woman and child is entitled to root for whom they wish. I'm talking about the real haters. Drinking that Haterade. AlliHaters swimming through Shitpost Swamp. The ones that are angrily pecking away at...
  19. BJTT_Kiwi

    General "Worst driver ever" (pics, yes a woman)

    Mum accused of ‘worst driving ever’ is sent to jail 193kmh in VW Sirocco. Got skills... A SPEEDING motorist has been jailed in the UK after leading police on a car chase where she exceeded 193km/h, with the judge branding it as the worst case of dangerous driving he had ever seen. British...
  20. BeardOfKnowledge

    Is the Holodeck the Worst Invention Ever?

    I've decided to rewatch Star Trek: The Next Generation (I'm about halfway through the last season) Jesus Christ, the only thing they used it for when it worked properly was fucking fencing. Other than that it did nothing but try to kill them or otherwise malfunction. Why in the fuck do they keep...
  21. Onetrickpony

    Alvarez worst nightmare came true

    UFC 205 went about as poorly as it possibly could for Eddie Alvarez. On that night, the then-UFC lightweight champion lost his title to a man who had been talking a relentless amount of trash at him. Worse yet, the bout wasn’t even close. Conor McGregor dethroned Alvarez with a second-round TKO...
  22. M

    Society Is this the worst first 100 days of any President ever?

    - Build a wall - wall left out of budget - Two travel bans blocked by federal judges - Attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare fails miserably - North Korea launches a missile every other week now, world on brink of WW3 - Order on defunding sanctuary cities blocked - Fails to do an accurate...
  23. Zeph

    Society UK Second Worst OECD Country in Real Wage Growth Since Crash

    Breaking the ‘strong economy’ narrative Simon Wren-Lewis Mainly Macro Professor of Economic Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University, and a fellow of Merton College. This blog is written for both economists and non-economists. My last post talked about the gap between...
  24. Wild

    General Who is the worst fanbase in college sports?

    For me... University of Kentucky Basketball fans (Big Blew Nation) - example: Good game | CatsIllustrated.com West Virginia University Football fans
  25. TheAwkwardTitan

    General Worst fight you had with a sibling?

    The title says it all.
  26. Mix6APlix

    General What's the worst you have ever been friendzoned?

    I was got friendzoned before being friendzoned was an actual thing. It was the girl who gave me my Rottweiler. No pics of her, fuck off if you think about asking. But the puppy: I would have, and did quite frankly, anything for her. She called me at 6am telling me she had a flat tire, I went...
  27. Mix6APlix

    General Whats the worst moment of your life?

    Simple question. And no, this is not a happy bullshit thread. I remember the day my father died. I remember the day of my 13th birthday, where my father wasn't. But of all the bad shit that I have experienced was when my dog collapsed. Just another day, another walk. Until she just fell...
  28. Zeph

    VID Worst non-stoppage ever in SFL

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7uENNimn-k&feature=youtu.be&t=42m50s Just appalling.
  29. Atto

    General The most cultured people in the world and the worst

    Japanese are the best cultured and Brazilian the worst .. ( not sure about Brazil its just what i see on liveleak) ohh waity wait .. Chinese has to be the worst cultured ever to graze the planet earth.