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    Jan 14, 2015
    I'm in search of a new rash guard for myself and some for kids Xmas presents. Can some of you tell me what sites you shop from and what brands you prefer?

    I assume for quality they are basically all fairly equal so it's more the designs that attract my attention, of I'm wrong here please let me know.

    So far Scramble and Tatami seem to have the best ones that suite my taste but again I'm looking for other good options.

    I got this one in my cart, favourite one I've sent so far and it's about $60.



    There's another cool Bloodsport one and a few more retro types that I like. My kids would probably like more super hero ones as they already have a batman and flash.
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    Jun 22, 2015
    It use to be that you had to go to brand websites to purchase stuff, but nowadays you can Amazon Prime that shit. You can also check out (they do a deal of the day and usually have some good items like Gi's Rash Guards, Spats, Shorts, T-Shirts).

    Personally I like Atama Gi's, although I just got a Hayabusa Gi that I love.... No Gi gear I represent No Judges Needed (my buddy Troy owns is) and Phalanx (great customer service).

    I have a gear review thread here, not much is in it, but there are some decent reviews, go check it out (and please add to it)
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    never seen these ones on the tatami website, just an update/edit incase anyone is interested i found a UK based company that sells rash guards where you can design your own no mimimum order at Rolly fightwear rash guards
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