BJJ Technique Thread

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Channel Moderator
Jun 22, 2015
Another fun seminar with Royce Gracie today, always a good time seeing him...

And it was good to see some other 6 Levels friends in the house today, Prince Fielder and Grant Hill...

Jun 28, 2016
If you want the anti-Danaher, a guy with a Physics degree and a gift for brevity, check out my friend Alex Ueda (and Sam Fernandez).

Alex just started putting out content, but his stuff is legit. This sweep looks showboat, but you can lock guys down at the checkpoints and humiliate your peeps.

website is, new videos every couple weeks.


ATM 9 & 10 winner
Aug 2, 2015
Been training regularly for past 3 weeks in my friends garage: Good to be back on mats again: Did 100 knee slices today then finished off with some torrendo drills and then a good passing sequence from attempted knee slice into longstep pass. Chains really nice together. Finally feeling sharp again