Can I start an awesome guitar thread?

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The Kurgan

Jan 30, 2015
Making me want to listen to Gallagher now, its not slide and it not on the lap but man I love this gig.

I know hes not under rated either, should really post it in the other thread.

Grateful Dude

TMMAC Addict
May 30, 2016
Hauler @Hauler

great stuff with Billy Strings. I’ve been following him for the past couple years. He is an incredible talent. The traditional bluegrass picking he does is something I really enjoy, and is some of what I try to learn on guitar. He’s young, but talent wise he is up there with the greats (Doc, Tony, Norman, Clarence, etc). He’s starting to branch out more now and spread his wings, I’ve been seeing him pop up all over the place now and showing up with all kinds of bands as a guest at their shows.

back in October I was lucky and a friend gave me a ticket to go see him here in Austin. It was crowded as fuck, but it was a great show!

Molly Tuttle is another young one that is a fantastic flatpicker. Her and Billy have done some stuff together, check the YouTubes!