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Shake 'em off
Dec 31, 2014
how is the fact that it happened to governor change anything about the factual testing reliability?

Nothing about his situation is abnormal to my day-to-day testing experience. But I think trying to look at this in that way really sell short two important storylines

1> The fact that critical infrastructure like the governor and the rest of high-level political apparatus is not immune from bad testing Just highlights how ubiquitous in inadequate are strategies are

2> when I heard about this story, even with knowing the common testing strategies, It sounds like fuckery. Only finding stories that the initial test was rapid helped clarify what actually happened. And I can't and don't expect the average person to go digging around to learn about something they don't even know exist such as this testing style.

Tldr: The fact that it happened to a governor just amplifies the faults in the system