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Unknown Member
Feb 3, 2016
Is the voting process even necessary in November? What a collosal waste of time it will be.

LOL @ following the Hillary fiasco with Joe Fucking Biden
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Stay gold
Nov 21, 2016
Fingers @Conor McGregor nut holder ThatOneDude @ThatOneDude

If you haven't already done it. Put each other on ignore. Stop talking to each other. Stop clicking "show ignored content." And stop being annoying cunts to each other. I'm entertained by both of you but fucking hell is this annoying.
What has this site come to when Willthiswork @Willthiswork has become the voice of reason?

Seriously dude. I laughed out loud when I read that post. I find it ridiculously funny when the non confrontational members (including myself) feel the need to step up and regulate.

Hope you have been able to stay safe at work during this fucked up situation.