Society Derek Chauvin Trial - Live Thread

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Freeloading Rusty

I came out my momma pussy, I'm on welfare
Jan 11, 2016
Maybe one day, you'll know how to recognize a shit article. I'm not going to eArgue with you.
Just trying to understand where your criticisms coming from considering your point of view seems to be in line with what the doctor stated was possible and was highlighted in the article.

Tuc Ouiner

Posting Machine
May 19, 2016
In Germany they don't take shit from perps(perpetrators). Your face goes in the concrete if you're wrong. Keep resisting at your own peril. Nuff said. Lawsuits-- shove 'em up yo ass. That's how successful countries operate. Apologies to BLM.

Miesha's Taint

Formerly member 1372
Dec 3, 2018

The more this trial goes... The more I'm working out who I wouldn't want to be anywhere near nevermind friends with.

Some people have either never been outside or are just complete knobheads.

Juggling game to work it out.